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Art Images for College Teaching is a searchable, browsable collection of 2,027, well, art images for college teaching, and appears to be mainly the personal collection of Art Historian Allan Kohl (previously on MeFi), and thus represents his interests and specialities, not to mention the variable quality of his photographic skills. Rather strong in Ancient and Medieval, especially architecture, but tapers off as you become more distant from Europe or closer to the 20th century. Nice sets include the Lion Hunt from Ashurbanipal, Iraq; the exterior sculpture of Chartres; and grave stele.
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Hmm, I may have conflated two separate image banks with the same name. Enjoy anyway.
posted by Rumple at 10:51 AM on February 1, 2008

Nice stuff, thanks!

Minor quibble: the plural of stele (or stela) is stelae (or, if you really want to get donnish, stelæ).
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And a not so minor self-quibble: it's the Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal, from Nineveh, Iraq.

Might as well dump this art image bank here while I am at it. Fewer high-res pictures.
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Excellent, Rumple, this is super. Just spent some quality time at The Alhambra. Thanks.
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