Starship Sofa: SciFi Podcast
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Starship Sofa is a science fiction podcast with biweekly short fiction from known authors (David Brin, Bruce Sterling) and a more regular discussion on SciFi concepts and authors. Warning. podcast contains Geordie accents and the stories contain terrible fake American accents.
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Thanks for this. EscapePod is a similar science fiction short story podcast that is worth checking out. I particularly like Connie Maybe [mp3] by Paul E. Martens.
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I have never heard Con Vention with a space in it before.

I'm at the Einstein part and I'm worried about the guy's head exploding out or all of the words somehow bunching up and clogging the internet tube due to overwhelming enthusiasm. Ah, youth.
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An advantage of having English as a second language is that I'm completely oblivious to horrible fake accents...

Anyway, sounds interesting. I'll give it a listen tonight.
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Not sure which is worse, an American accent or a fake American accent

Oh you troll mattoxic
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Been listening to the Sofa boys from back when it started and it's always a good listen. Just wish I had more time to read some of the recommendations, especially some of the classic writers I missed when I devoured it in my youth. Sometimes they are more enthusiastic than accurate and I have a blank spot over some of their faves (sorry but I just loath Red Dwarf). The short stories have all be great so far.

I know they lurk all over mentions of thing on the net, so get well soon Tony (his head did explode... not from reading sf but by fainting and smacking his head on the floor on the way down. You can hear all the gory details in a fairly recent podcast. Hope we have Kieron back on the sofa too, I miss him... and his 'theres'
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Wow - I didn't care for any of the episodes I downloaded :(
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I miss the Irish guy. Tonys allright, but without the back-and-forth it all falls a bit flat.
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yeah, sadly I'm having to agree and I'm gonna give it a rest for a while. I would still recommend the early episodes though.
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