Civil War and/or Aerial Reconnaissance Nerds Only
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The of Battlefields and Bibliophiles blog has a fun quiz. Check your knowledge of American Civil War battlefields by guessing which battleground is featured in the Google Earth images. Answers here.

I think I know more than the average doofus about this sort of thing, but the only ones I got right were #1, 3 and 4. I got close on number 6.

The same blog featured a Hilarious! post on Black Confederates last month. Also, I recently ran across this thoughtful Civil War blog, done by a sixteen year-old girl.
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3, 4, and 9 are hard to miss. Its been years since I read about the Civil War, so some of the battlefields didn't cross my mind 1, 5 and 8...
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Cool stuff. My grandmother still has the hat & a few other personal effects of an ancestor who was "gravely wounded" at The Wheatfield at Gettysburg.
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The Ten Roads blog in the last link is very impressive, much more cogent that some of the academic blogs I read.
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That was fun, even though I did miserably (and I would find it hard to believe anyone could get them all). Part of the problem (and also the fun of the quiz) is when you're there, with the exception of a place like Lookout Mountain, you're not way up in the sky view shown by Google Earth. Another is that places like the Gettysburg College baseball diamonds aren't on the usual battlefield maps. (Although it would be hard to mistake Gettysburg, and what Civil War quiz wouldn't include it?)

Speaking of being an above average doofus, I see that over the years I've toured every one of America's National Battlefields, Battlefield Parks, Battlefield Sites, and Military Parks, as listed here. Thanks for the memories, Marxchivist.
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cool. epic fail for me; so much for my many virginia history classes growing up...
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