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Ernest sings.

Hey Verne! Jim Varney, the fifth Marx brother, the fourth stooge, had a voice. There are others, post their unexpected talent.
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I prefer his humor.
posted by DU at 5:55 AM on February 8, 2008

I miss Jim Varney
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No need to worry that the first one died, there's another Ernest lined up and waiting to advertise your car dealership!
posted by unsupervised at 6:08 AM on February 8, 2008

Gummo was the fifth Marx Brother. Shemp was the fourth Stooge.
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Okay, before all of the Ernest hate starts up and this gets deleted or something, I shall admit something. I actually hate Colin Quinn wayyyy more. 'Cuz before all of those Hollywood Ernest movies came out? Some college friends and I once rented Ernest's Family Album (a one-man show he obviously produced by himself pretty much)... and we actually laughed our asses off. No I am not kidding. Yes, we were drunk college kids. But we quoted it for years because he was just such a goofball. I mean yeah he's not exactly Daniel Day Lewis or Mike Myers but I remember thinking some of the skits he did like pretending to be an entire fort of soldiers (See after 2:30)... well some of his skits were pretty ambitious and he actually pulled them off pretty well actingwise. The guy actually had some talent and potential if he could've gotten away from that whole Vern cashcow.

Alas, but then those Hollywood Vern movies came out and we never spoke of him in public again.
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Oh, that new Vern is AWFUL.
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Poor audio on that video of Varney singing but he does nail it. Technically he's not a great singer but he gets the feel of the song and that's much more important. Technique and quality are for opera.
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weird, I was copying an Ernest VHS tape onto DVD last night... not sure why, guess because I could and I owned the silly thing still.

For some reason, the Simpsons always featured references to Ernest movies in the first half dozen or so seasons.
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Great find miss lynnster! I never realized Jim Varney was so talented. But Ernest? He gets annoying real fast.
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Why did I keep calling him Vern up above? I meant Ernest. I guess hearing him say "Hey Vern" over & over it just got into my head.
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My ex-boyfriend's father, who was an advertising executive in Nashville, discovered Jim Varney and had some role in creating the Earnest character for Pet Milk commercials that were his big break. I remember him telling me that Varney was either really cool, or a complete asshole, but I can't remember which it was. I have to say, I quite enjoyed Ernest Goes to Camp. Guilty pleasure.
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Video accompanied by the champagne of YouTube commentry:

Good job brother. Your little sister

? Are you Jim's Sister or something...?

OMG... that you are even wondering that... You are so fucking dumb.

Blow me? I was being a smart ass you dumb shit... Seriously how many encrazed fans do you think go around claiming to be related to someone famous... Get the picture idiot... Grab an IQ before you reply with a dumb comment like that.

Oh wait just realized you were from Holland, you don't have an IQ there... Just a whore area, and crappy weed.

posted by Turtles all the way down at 7:59 AM on February 8, 2008

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the singing.

But you know what? I actually never knew that Varney was dead. I remember some rumor going around at school after his show got canceled that he was dead. When I realized he wasn't, I must have decided never to believe that he was dead.
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He was really sick with lung cancer when he was doing voices for that Disney Atlantis movie if I recall. Towards the end he was starting to get some good voiceover work with the Toy Story films and stuff.
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Oh wait just realized you were from Holland, you don't have an IQ there... Just a whore area, and crappy weed.

I really enjoyed this comment. I loved how the author was so dumb that he didn't realize that The Netherlands has the world's highest consumption of books per capita -- presumably because he spends all his study time whooping it up to Ernest movies instead of reading -- and I also loved the complaint about crappy weed. Does his rating go up if the weed improves, because obviously, if you never make it out of the whore area, then you'll probably find that the weed there is somewhat crappy by comparison with the rest of the country.
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His voice always had a lot of character and that carries through in the song. The "new Ernest" just made me miss Jim Varney that much more.
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Careful, Peter. You might be showing early signs of the Youtube-commenter virus.
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Oops. Video's down.

Hey, Mblue, consider adding a few more tags to this thread, like JimVarney or Ernest, so that it links up with the Jim Varney obit thread. The Salon obituary was a good one—who knew he did Shakespeare?
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He also did a mighty fine version of "Hot Rod Lincoln" in that Beverly Hillbillies movie.

I'm surprised at how pig-biting mad the "fake Ernest" vid makes me.

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I had a radio show in college that ended at 7 a.m. on Saturday and I'd stay up all night and go back to my apartment and when my roommates woke up we'd watch the "Hey Vern, It's Ernest" show and the Ed Grimley cartoon. Staying up all night definitely enhanced the experience...
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"Pig-biting mad!!!!!?" Oh man, my how I miss Ed Anger...
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