Jacques Brel et compagnie
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YouTube user lightning49 has 160 of videos of French singers which she has subtitled with her translations. Her biggest collection is of Jacques Brel videos but there are also songs performed by George Brassens, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf as well as a smattering of other stuff. To start you off with a few songs here are three of my favorite songs by Brel, Je suis un soir d'éte, Le moribond and La valse à mille temp along with Charles Aznavour's La boheme, Edith Piaf's Milord and Georges Brassens' Les passantes.
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The guy singing with Brassens is Maxime Le Forestier, a French folk superstar of the the 70's. He's covered many songs by Brassens, here he's playing Le père Noël et la petite fille. Le Forestier also wrote and sang San Francisco which, in my opinion, is the best song about 60's San Francisco there is. Here's a recent live version of the song and Le Forestier performing the song with Nana Mouskouri.
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Great stuff. Thank you for this.
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excellent linkage
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vraiment top!!
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Ah, Monsier Brel for valentines day. Ne me quitte pas...
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My kinda youtube post! Hypercool, thank you.
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La valse à mille temp goes on first.

incidentally, are you familiar with Micheline van Hautem's interpretations of Brel? i've seen her a couple of times live & both rate amongst the best. concerts. ever.
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I think we broke their account.
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Oh crap. That sucks. I hadn't watched all the videos yet. I hope lightning49 doesn't run into any trouble because of this.

And I'm not familiar with van Hautem, UbuRoivas, but she sounds intruiging... I'll have to keep my eyes out for her.
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Uh oh. "Account Suspended". We broke it.
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lightning49 est mort.

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Too bad about that account. I hope I will never cease being amazed by the fact that I can just, any time I want to, go listen to great songs in Albanian, Armenian, Belarusian, Bulgarian (x2), Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, German, Hungarian (x2 x3), Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish (x2), Romanian, Russian (x2), Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian...

I used to spend so much time scouring libraries and used book stores (whenever I'd be able to visit a big enough city to do so) for any little snip of some of these languages...
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