Chess Problems
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Chess Problems has hundreds of problems in six difficulty classes from novice to fiendish [java]
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It's sistersite, Go Problems, has been previously posted to MeFi.
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The Go Problems might be a repeat, but I loved it. Pretty hard!

I felt the chess ones were easier, and I think these days I'm a better Go player than chess player.
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I saved a long list of useful chess links, once upon a time. Here is the list. (there are a few websites I use now that aren't here.) Maybe someone will find some of these useful as well.

Also, a note. There is a small group of users on youtube who post videos about chess. Search for the name "GreenCastleBlock", "JrobiChess", or "jj32768" on youtube for some of the more active users. Not bad players, not great so if you are a good chess player they might not be so useful, but the games are often interesting to watch.

The links previously mentioned.,1,1,1 - crazy russian guys - Free Chess online
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Good stuff, but why, when I switch to "Fiendish" level, do all the pieces suddenly have either blue or green eyes?
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Seems like a great site, but the Java chess engine rarely returns a move for me. Is anyone else having this problem?
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The Java crashes both Safari and Firefox on either site if I play them too much.

On consideration, this is probably a good thing.
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The java just earlier went wonky on me but I figured it was just Firefox being silly so I closed and reopened it which made everything hunky dory.
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A good site for chess videos: Includes alot of game analyses from 2200+ ranked players.

Dennis Monokroussos's videos, in particular, are very good. He follows a game, exploring many of the variations at key moments. The videos often run to about 40 minutes long.

This has replaced TV for me.
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I should make a clickable link. Shameful shit.

Chess Videos.
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Thanks, Mate! :D
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