Can you make yarn from beard hair?
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Scandinavian Grace's beard cap has inspired the internet. Now plans are available to make your own bearded cap. Have a large head? No problem! Skeleclavas lack a beard, but make warming your head a little more hardcore
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similar to the Skeleclava is the Skellington, which I will make at some point before I die.
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Awesome. Don't miss the dwarven version, or, for the unknitty like me, the blue crochet version.

Unrelated subject matter, but my searches for similar crochet projects have lead me to the mouth watering turkeyzilla tote bag and coin purse.
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Fabulous. Reminds me of the plucked chicken hat and the squid hat (although both of those, and all these "caps," are more properly called toques. Philistines.)
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You are all such strange individuals.
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I told my wife that this was the perfect solution to her problem of not having a husband with a beard.

She gave me a look that spoke volumes. The Cliff notes version was one line on one page:

"You're so fucking weird!"
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Love the mustache.
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Oh my god, that turkeyzilla bag is gas, Secretariat.
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My mistake, it's not called Skellington, but rather Jackyll & Hide. My apologies.
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Wow, when I read the front page post I was expecting a cap made out of beard hair. I didn't like where that mental image was taking me.
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I thought -- see HolyFoxyMoxie -- that someone was crafting some kind of long beard comb up! Those are some funky hats!
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Me, I thought it was a cap meant to be worn over the beard.
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I wish I had thought of this. It's like the knitted wig, but lower down on the face. Can knitted merkins be far behind?
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By the way, in answer to the titular question: yes.
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My girlfriend's grandma made her an old-fashioned three-hole ski-mask. It's pink and came with matching mittens. We didn't have the heart to tell her nobody wears that kind anymore.
posted by hydrophonic at 1:37 PM on February 20, 2008

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