Rediscovered photos from Lincoln's second inauguration
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"New" photos emerge of Lincoln's second inauguration The Library of Congress has discovered new photographs taken in 1865 at Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration. For years they were filed under President Grant's archive, mislabeled into obscurity. Incidentally, this week will be the grand opening of Lincoln's summer "cottage" in northwest DC.
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Ahem, my "apologies" for overuse of quotations. Have a grand Presidents' Day.
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More or less a double post.
posted by Mo Nickels at 8:20 AM on February 18, 2008

More or less a double post.

Is that a joke? The previous post was about Gettysburg; this is about the second inauguration.

Nice post, thanks!
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what interests me in photos newly found of Abe is that the man was 6'4" and he added a top hat to make himnself even taller looking. Why not wear a baseball hat, say with NY Yankees cap?
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Better yet, Postroad, how about a Brooklyn Atlantics cap?
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Oops. A mistake. Damn.
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Uh, Abe was from Springfield. And his sport was swordsmanship.
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Hurm. I figured that I would just look for the guy in the stove pipe hat.

Unfortunately, that won't work too well.

Nifty to see these coming to light after all these years.
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Damn. I thought that it would be a photo from an angle that showed a hooker kneeling in the inaugural podium.
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This is a nifty story and apropos for President's Day here in the US. Thanks.
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Once again, my friends: Bow down and worship at the feet of your Librarian or Archivist. WE HAVE THE POWER TO ELEVATE THE LOWLY AND TO BRING LOW THE MIGHTY!


But seriously ...reading the NPR story underlines the difficulty those of us who do this sort of thing face when dealing with cultural heritage artifacts and how easily things can get put in The Wrong Place. How many Mefites can read a Copperplate or Palmer hand anymore ... much less one a Carolingian one?
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