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Encephalon: Briefing the Next US President on 24 Neuroscience and Psychology Issues. Encephalon, the neuroscience blog carnival has returned after a brief hiatus and is being hosted at Sharp Brains. [Via Mind Hacks, which will host the next edition.]
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Ha, the level of thought in our politics is such that some of the presidential candidates did't even accept evolution, and this guy thinks they're ready to deal with a neuroscience view on free will?
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I do love Encephalon and Mind Hacks...but are are blog carnivals real worthy of a FPP?

Isnt that why we have this and this?
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The bit on Lesch-Nyhan syndrome was interesting. As was the relationship between psychiatry and CIA.
/ I think it was a worthwhile post. The term "blog carnival" comes across, to me, much like "sex farm."
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Interesting concept, briefing the president on such things. First priority? I daresay not, and that's coming from a professional neuroscientist.

Except maybe the APA/CIA/Gitmo thing, but only as it relates to ending torture.
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The term "blog carnival" comes across, to me, much like "sex farm."

Wasn't as good a song, though.
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Neuroscience and psychology?
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supercres, where do you research? I'm a neuroscience student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

I think few people acknowledge the role that neuroscience has in society. Neuroscience is, at its heart, the most visceral science, because it researches how we think and how we define ourselves .
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To me, neuroscience would be as useful to social policy as processor chip design is to determining the best way to create a UI. Categorical distinction.
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Encephalon 40
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