Design and the Elastic Mind
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Design and the Elastic Mind is a MOMA exhibit of cool objects, gadgets, websites and ideas. Some personal favorites are The PainStation, The Religious Helmet, Body Modification for Love, The Minutine Space and Lightweeds.
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Caveat: this web site will make more sense if you are a robot.
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The PainStation game reminds me of the surprisingly suspenseful game Shocking Roulette. Which is sort of interesting, but I'm always fascinated when artists pick up a sort of lowbrow idea that's a few years old and present it as cutting edge.
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Why is this site screaming at me? The things on it are so cool, but it hurts so.
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On second look some of that stuff is pretty cool: Snow World (VR helmet to distract burn patients from the pain of their bandage changes), Play Pump (kids' merry-go-round that pumps water as they play-- an old idea, but still).
User of the SoMo4 (mobile phone) knocks on the phone to communicate the urgency of the call
I had a boss who did that.
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I love the cootie catcher/remote control.
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Augh... interface... too... much... art!
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Just loads a black screen for me. Drat!
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Really, really terrible site design. Which is ironic, considering that so many of the projects on it are about making data more accessible and easier to understand.
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I find it's much better when I don't try and read anything on that massive page, and I just click somewhere, and then see what I got. Once I let go like that, I enjoyed this site more. (Kinda like the early web.)

I'm still not sure what I'm looking at or where it's taking me, though. But I just got the LED Dog Tail Communicator, then clicked on "interfaces" and it took me to Living Sensors. Why, I dunno, but both exhibits (?) are cool and weird nonetheless.
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Metafilter Meetup?
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Went to it today. A lot of great pieces and very bad exhibit design. There was a bit of a crowd, but moved agonizingly slowly because of bad sign placement and flow control. I'd wait until the initial rush dies down and avoid the crowds.

I really liked the concept of AfterLife.
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My sea level rise maps are part of this exhibition. MOMA's web-site sure it Flashtastic, though.
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(sits to attention)








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