putative clandestine organizations
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The International Institute of Social History was founded in 1935. It is one of the world's largest documentary and research institutions in the field of social history. From their collections: Secret Societies: Documents and illustrations of Freemasons, Jesuits, Illuminati, Carbonari, Burschenschaften and other putative secret societies and clandestine organizations.
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Obviously a plot by the Bilderbergers to expose and discredit all those other Illuminati.
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No, the real puppetmasters are the Writers Guild of America. That whole 14-week "strike" was just a cover story while they gathered to pound out the script for the rest of the '08 campaign and the next Presidential Administration. (That "Nadar runs again" bit was the last thing written pre-strike by a team of out-of-work hacks, mostly sitcom scribes) I've seen some future pages, and it's going to be quite entertaining - it's the first time the "Daily Show" staff had the time to make a major contribution and it shows...
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Obviously a plot by the Bilderbergers Habsburg descendants to expose and discredit all those other Illuminati re-establish their empire.

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At this point it'd probably be unnecessary to point out what there isn't one of.

And there isn't one.
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I hope there is a cabal, 'cause I'm paying $100/month for cabal TV and Internet service.
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I steal cabal.
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What about the TRES?
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Wow, nickyskye, this is a site I can really dig into. I've started Red-Haired Barbarians: The Dutch and other foreigners in Nagasaki and Yokohama 1800 - 1865, and am looking forward to Art to the People and The Chairman Smiles. There's a handful more 'virtual exhibitions', too! Great link, thank you.
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This is an amazing link - a useful filter/portal as well as having plenty of content on it's own. The posters alone are incredible - Chinese Propaganda Posters is a great collection. It's nice to see some history analyzed from a leftist perspective presented thoroughly on the web.
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Mmmm spaghetti carbanari.

Cool link, thanks.
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I always thought that France, Germany and Russia were nations. Who knew they were really secret societies. Boy, they had me fooled, and you'd think with millions of members something would have leaked by now!
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