Howl's Moving Castle papercraft
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Howl's Moving Castle - in papercraft. Stop motion animation of the assembly here, flickr set of the finished product here, details on the kit here. Found via.
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D'oh! Posted prematurely, apologies. The original kit from Studio Ghibli is out of print, I believe. A reaonable facsimile can be found here.
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Wow. Pretty cool stuff- equally admirable to the skill is the patience.
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There is a more ambitious version of this that looks like the moving castle that is present throughout most of the movie (and not the recreated version at the end). As far as papercraft goes, it is....complex. flickr is blocked at my work but with a bit of searching you should be able to find pics of it.
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At last my life has a purpose!
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posted too soon - the "finished product here" link refers to the model I am talking about.

fyi I emailed that guy a while ago and got a scanned in pdf of the whole thing from him since it is out of print. you didn't hear it from me.
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Pretty awesome, but I'd much rather see an Ohmu or something from a Ghibli movie that wasn't completely boring.
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Yes, wonderful, but not as wonderful as this.
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They're very cool, but they don't look anything like what was described in the book. Is the film worth seeing? I have long distrusted movie remakes of childhood favorite books.
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maybe it's just my long dormant anime dork coming out, but I found the flickr castle to be quite stunning. I've never done a 'papercraft', but I almost want to take a crack at it. It's lame, I know, but I believe having one of those would be a testament to dedication, precision and patience. At first glance, I just want to buy one, but then I realize that would be too easy and non fulfilling. Much like the themes in the story.
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The film is good. It is a bit choppy; it's not explained that the scarecrow was the prince's brother or what have you, and some of the characterization and plotting is different.

It was done by Miyazaki. If you haven't heard of him, you have some wonderful suprises in store.
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Oddly enough, I'd think that Miyazaki would actually capture the slightly creepy weirdness of that book.

Wild paper castle, too.
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I wish I had the skill to make paper models.

The film's great , but if you read the book first, I'd say there's a 50-50 chance you'll be annoyed too much by the changes in the plot, some of which are a bit puzzling IMO.

Diana Wynne Jones herself seems happy with the film.
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