My eyes hurt from all the tiny lines!
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Mazes and complexity Like mazes? Check out these computer generated mazes that might play tricks with your visual cortex. Each is available as a downloadable PDF that will take, um... at least a minute to solve.

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Also, very neat.
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...we developed a system for constructing mazes from images.

I foresee a cheesy mail-order "Get Your Child's Face As A Maze On A T-shirt" business.

Neat mazes, though.
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(Looking for the name of a maze solution algorithm I saw recently, I came across a fairly comprehensive page on mazes.)
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Who's going to be the first to solve Maze-raham Lincoln?
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I love mazes.
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This is cool! Thanks for the post.
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I was defeated by the Amazing Maize Maze last year, forced to take the "pony express" to the exit after an hour and a half of wandering around in the dark. To be fair, though, I was all set to keep going, but my girlfriend and her "bronchitis" weren't quite up to the task. I'll get you next year, corn maze, mark my words.
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damn, owtytrof took my joke!
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I haven't seen the link (it seems to be slammed?) but this post reminds me of a screensaver my dad used to have for the Mac. I'm pretty sure it was part of After Dark. The screensaver would algorithmically create a maze, then algorithmically solve it by having a little line systematically try all the possibilities. There were settings for complexity, and you could even have two lines simultaneously try to solve the maze from different sides and see which won first.
I miss After Dark.
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Aagh! I'm stuck in line at Disneyland! Help me find my way out!!

These will be great for any time I'll have to spend on an airplane or bus. Favorited and placed in freezer.
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It's very hard to draw clean lines with Acrobat's markup tool. I might have to print some out for later.
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I printed and completed all these mazes on 11x17 paper. They can be seen in a Flickr Set HERE
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