How To Draw The Venture Bros.
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Do you desire to achive artistic perfection? Can you tell both humorous and dramatic stories in the Jackson Publick Fashion? Are you titillated by a man dressed like a butterfly?! If so, follow me... For I am... the Character Board SupervisorTM, and from my base on the moon, I can teach you to draw all things... Venture!!!*

*Really only some things Venture... -Slippery Steve!
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robocop, it is important you realize that my love for you is deep and without known ending!

Even if I can't draw a stick figure without several eraser marks, this is cool stuff indeed.
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Oh, this is awesome. Thanks.
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Cryogenically Cool
Gut-Bustingly Funny

(the prof's head comes to a subtle point)
Making Him a Pointy-Headed Scientist.
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This perhaps reveals my deep and abiding fear of kids on my lawn, but I've never heard of this show. Looks pretty awesome, though, so thanks for the tip.
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DU, old son, you have no idea. No idea at all. It is a must.

Imagine Jonny Quest meets soul crushing failure.

That is all.
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It's on the Netflix queueueue.
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Ah, thank you for helping me kill time till season 3 starts! I needed a good Venture fix.
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Very, very excited for season 3!!
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so unbelievably awesome.

Evil Bad Guy: Dr Venture! Give me the eye of Ra!
Dr. Venture: Give me head.
EBG: Or I w-... what?
DV: You heard me.
EBG: But... but I'm going to kill your sons!
DV: Take a number!
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DU: Others may disagree, but I would almost recommend jumping right into Season 2, or at least starting halfway through Season 1. IMO it took them a while to get some of the kinks worked out, but after that it's just pure awesome.
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Season 1 was mostly episodic, as though they didn't expect to really come back for a second season and so didn't bother with a through story. The last few episodes of Season 1 set up the ongoing serial story that runs through Season 2.

So start with Season 1. It's all over the place, but it sets up the whole situation. And it's super funny. Incidentally, you can catch a couple of full episodes online at the Adult Swim site.
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Venture Bros. got me into the habit of seeking out and watching anything Patrick Warburton has done.

I hope this never backfires on me...
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Yes! I love this show like I would love my own children.

What I love most about Jackson Publick's blog is that he's actually accessible to his fans. He's answered a few of my questions about how the show works (addressing my curiosities about the internal workings). It's like realtime DVD commentary.
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This is great, thanks Robcop.
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I really didn't want to click through to the comments because I was afraid to hear the snark. Although there don't seem to be too many Mefites who care about this show, I am glad it doesn't get the typical Meta-Imtoocoolforthis-filter response. I am jonesing pretty hard for season three and it is nice to get this little hit. (drug references +2). Death to haters!
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This image of various characters from season 3 has me trembling with excitement. God, I love the character design in this show. Here's the one they released before season 2. It includes some extremely minor characters. The '80s version of The Monarch and the Murderous Moppets were on-screen for maybe a few seconds each, and way on the right is one of the rope-handlers who held up the manyfaced Catherine the Great's horse. (Who's the tattooed girl next to him? I don't recognize her.)

One of the things Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are best at is taking a character or incident that was mentioned as a throwaway joke, and then later expanding on that reference and turning it into a complex part of the Venture world. They mention how they like doing on one of the commentary tracks, I think.
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Best. Show. Ever.

Seriously. It's up there with Futurama as addictive and eminently watchable. How bored am I with my Season DVD sets thus far? Not at all! And I keep rewatching them.

God, I cant wait for Season 3.
"Dean! Have you been shooting dope into your scrotum? You can tell me! I'm hip! "
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