The Nature Photography of E.J. Peiker
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E.J. Peiker, Nature Photgrapher There are a lot of nature photographers out there -- some better than Peiker and some worse -- but what fascinates me about Peiker's site is the number of photos available. A birdwatcher's dream, it features pages of photos of over 500 different species of birds, including an index devoted solely to wild waterfowl. Maybe animals are more your speed? How about nearly 150 pages of photos of wild animals (including my favorite - a quite handsome, flower-eating porcupine.) There's also a section for scenic photography featuring 23 states and 20 countries (or you can search by national park.) The photos are, unfortunately, not that big but there a ton of them, many of them quite pretty.
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A. Mazing.
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the badger is pretty cool.
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I lve photgraphy
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I lve photgraphy

Dammit! Oh well, that's what happens when you write out the word "photography" five thousand times while preparing a post (and don't spellcheck). Something slips through the cracks.
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aww, I love the flower eating porcupine. Reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull.

What wonderful photographs. Something especially tender about them, E.J. Peiker's love of the creatures and their beauty comes through in the images.

Nice post, thanks LeeJay.
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Birds aren't animals? Perhaps you mean mammals.
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I love his ferruginous hawk photos. But it's frustrating that I have to view page source to find out where he took the pictures - his photos of the red-shouldered hawk, for instance, seem to show Florida birds, which are much less colorful than their California counterparts (there are two distinct populations of red-shouldered hawks - the Eastern, comprised of the subspecies B. l. alleni and B. l. texanus, which comes barely as far west as central Texas, and California's own B. l. elegans, a "distinct, isolated subspecies resident mainly along the Pacific coast"*, mostly California).

Anyway. Great find!

*Raptors of Western North America, Brian K. Wheeler
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Birds aren't animals? Perhaps you mean mammals.

Er, yes, perhaps I did. That's two strikes for me! I swear I'm normally not *quite* so stupid. I claim Friday night exhaustion.
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Black bear page is amazing. He must have followed that family of bears around for ages. Contains one shot of bears gettin' it on which may be NSFW if you work with bears.
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I'm just impressed that this photography site isn't some Flash-heavy monstrosity.
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Inspirational. Beautiful photos, and he's had a very interesting life too. I would love to have half of the amazing collection of photos he has at that age.
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