I was tipped off about speaking to you today. Press connect and I'll tell you why.
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Amusing promotion for the new series Breaking Bad. (cortex, I hope you don't mind)
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This reminds me of the Snakes on a Plane promotion that ran on their website. You could fill in someone's information and have a customized phone call from Samuel L. Jackson actually sent to their phone. It was free too.
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Why would cortex mind... oh.

Wait, what?
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I need "masturbating" and "watching public television" options.
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Oh. Ha. You fill in the blanks, they deliver the message, and you used Metafilter as substance.
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Can I forward jokes that my mom sends me in emails here now, too?
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Can I forward jokes that :Josh Millard: sends me in emails here now, too?
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Screw that "advice". I know an ambulance when I hear one.
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Wait, did you just slam your own mom? That's harsh, man.
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Hey, I was amused. Sent one to my buddy that watches the show. But it's definitely not as cool as a call from Sam Jackson.
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The best show you're not watching.
Or one of them at any rate.
Friday Night Lights could well be another.
Mad Men.
30 Rock.
I could go on...

Bryan Cranston is doing career-defining stuff with this role, but then if an actor finds his perfect groove in the cultural wilderness and theres noone around to admire it blah blah blah fucking blah.

I give up being evangelical about great shows.

It didnt work for Mr Show, it didnt work for Arrested Development, it didnt work for Undeclared...
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wait. Cortex has a *blog*! I gotsta start living.
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I just watched the first episode - it's pretty good. Anyone know what the song at the end is?
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Well, all The Wire fans on here are gonna have to get their fix elsewhere pretty soon. I'd say Breaking Bad is as good a replacement as can be had. Sort of a cross between The Wire and the Michael Douglas film Falling Down.
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I didn't notice until I read the IMDB cast page that the crazy guy is Bryan Cranston, aka Malcom's Dad in "Malcom in the Middle". Good actor, methinks.
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ha! I never made that Michael Douglas/Falling Down comparison but it totally fits.
This is the first show I've followed since Arrested Development and definitely the best drama I've seen in years, maybe ever. I really don't see a lot of tv though.

Maybe it's just me but this show has seemed sweeter because I get a feel while watching that they really didn't expect it to get picked up and are kind of flying along with the rest of us not knowing where the plot is headed.
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Better late than never...

Up through episode 7 now and I love, love, love this series. It's got everything I enjoy about a TV series. Losing The Wire doesn't hurt quite so bad anymore.
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