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A fantastic photoset capturing the life and times of country western artists Carl Butler and Pearl. There are a few people you may recognize as well.
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Now, these are jackets !

Those who'd like to hear his classic "Don't Let Me Cross Over", it's here.
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While we're at it, here's a live TV performance of the same song. Nice rendition, he throws himself into it in a spirited manner. And from the same broadcast, a great little tune: Just Thought I'd Let You Know.

And thanks for the post, Kevin.
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Thanks for the supplemental links, flapjax at midnight. I love his voice.
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For some reason I really like this one. Don't know why. But wow, those ARE some snazzy jackets. I've been fantasizing about getting one or two of those country and western shirts (you know, the kind with a rose or something going across the front of the shoulders), but this just ups the ante to a whole other level.

And flapjax, I love youtube videos that show...a record spinning. Warms my heart.
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Oh, man; hat a voice. That was country.
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s/b what a voice
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I want a Nudie suit sooo bad.

Great post!
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Thanks for that great link. One of my grandmothers favorite photos was of her with Carl and Pearl. I think I'll have to pass it along with a few others of them performing somewhere outside of Pittsburgh. If she were still alive she'd undoubtedly love this photoset!
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