"We, having been so nearly destroyed, can use what we've learnt from our destruction to start the world again"
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Three award-winning photographers come together to photograph women from around the world, who have been the victims of war, and survived to tell their tale.
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I generally assume that the most horrible things I can imagine are happening somewhere in the world. This is usually confirmed.

However, it's deeply affirming to see that many people in the face of overwhelming adversity do not give up, and simply push harder.

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I'm not able to watch the YT links from where I'm at, so I'm not sure if Nanking was covered. I'll never forget the stories I've read about the surving women that were victims of the Nanking Massacre. Truely chilling.
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Carol Allen-Storey is also doing great work photographing women struggling in Africa, well worth a look.
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Thanks for the lovely photographs ciderwoman.
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