February 8, 2000
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Page 33 of the latest Red Herring is a full-page ad for Morrison and Forrestor, attorrneys at law. What's great is that in big, yellow print is the firm's URL: mofo.com. Now, they have to be aware of the multiple meanings here, but they appear to be playing it straight, and the site is full of MoFo news and MoFo history.
posted by luke (5 comments total)
They just want to be able to say "I'm a MoFo attourney, biatch."
posted by othermatt at 9:01 AM on February 9, 2000

I'd love to hire these guys, just to put the extra scare into someone when I say "Oh, I'm not using just any lawyer to sue you, I've got a MoFo attorney coming after you."
posted by mathowie at 10:00 AM on February 9, 2000

The LA office of MoFo is in my building, and "MoFo" is the standard way to refer to them. An example would be "my access card wasn't working, so I had to get off with some MoFo people." I doubt the slang implication is lost on them, but there is a certain amount of brand identification already built in with their client base, so they just ignore the giggling.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 12:35 PM on February 9, 2000

A few weeks ago I tried to get mofo.com at NSI... when I saw it was taken, I expected some smart-ass (like myself) was going to be putting up something funny. Well, I was wrong wasn't I?

...I wonder what's going up at www.whosyourdaddy.com?
posted by chris stearns at 3:11 PM on February 9, 2000

I think it's a research site for adoptees.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 5:04 PM on February 9, 2000

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