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Eliza Skinner is well known in New York improv comedy circles for her work with Glennis McMurray in I Eat Pandas, the musical improv duo that does in an hour "what it takes Andrew Lloyd Weber YEARS to do ... crap out a musical from start to finish." The duo have had a tough time getting a TV deal (language NSFW), but Eliza's Internet fame has been growing. In videos from her one-woman show Shameless!, she "puts raw, repellent desperation front and center" as an overbearing mother of a freshman college student and a desperate, ditzy club girl.
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I've seen I Eat Pandas twice, and they're mindblowing. They got a longer ovation than any other group at an improv festival full of SNL alums. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it.
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Judging from those two videos, she seems to be obsessed with having people feel her boobs.

But I LOLed at both of them :)
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Want more video.
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Great, another thing for TV to absolutely kill.
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Here's an interesting blog post from a friend of Eliza Skinner, reflecting on how creepy and crappy it can be for a female comedian.
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...reflecting on how creepy and crappy it can be for a female comedian on the internet.

No less valid; just that it's about her being female, not being a comedian.
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I've been a big fan of Eliza Skinner and I Eat Pandas! I saw them during the 7th annual Del Close Marathon when I first went, since then I've seen them about 3 or 4 other times, I even took my little sister along one time and she loved it. I think I may have recorded audio of one of there performances I'll have to get it out and edit it together just so people know the awesomeness and are more persuaded too go.
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Eliza also wrote and directed the Short film Just Talk for the 2007 NY 48 Hour Film Project and was winner of Best Cinematography and an Audience Choice Award
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Wow, funny gal! I'm impressed!
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I can't stand the attitude that funny women are rare and unusual. People taking notice of funny women is rare and unusual, and funny women getting plaudits and recognition is rare and unusual. There's something about that blog post from Eliza's friend that's rather disappointing, though -- if you're a comic and you get upset by the internet dumbasses saying you have bad acne and an ugly face and they're going to rape you, then you clearly haven't been listening closely to anything said in the green room of the Improv. Yeah, women have a harder time of it, but every comic's skin should be able to stand up to the abuse.
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Maybe you should read Skinner's own take on it.
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It's good to see that the woe-is-me attitude presented in her friend's blog post and from the IM conversations printed therein isn't the attitude she expresses on her own website -- and thank you for your condescending and uncontextualized response, pinkmolly. Welcome to MeFi.
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