Let him in!
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Remember Wake Up Cat (or "Cat Man Do"), the animated short about a hungry kitty and his sleeping human by Simon Tofield of Tandem Films? Now Mr. Tofield has made Let Me In available for your viewing pleasure. Mrow.
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Aw, I like this very much.
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Hurray! Sending this around to everybody I know who enjoyed the first one. (Which was everybody who saw it, as far as I can tell.)
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Oh man, that was so wrong. Everyone who's ever owned a cat knows that after the dude opened the door, the cat would just look at him and then decide to stay outside.
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Or he'd do a loop around the legs and then cry to be let back out.
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To his credit there was that moment of a lengthy pause where it could have gone either way. I like the first one better, but this one was good too.
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This is like that last one but instead of being impeded by the human sleeping, the door is closed. Brilliant!
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if this were my cat, he would have taken two steps forward and then just stood in the doorway looking at me for five minutes, and then have to be pushed inside. And then he would want to be let out again after another minute.

seriously, my cat has been known to be let in the front door and then go straight to the backdoor and whine to be let out.
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Do these videos require owning a cat to be more than "slightly amusing"? Or is there some kind of Garfield effect happening?
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Tzarius: Yes.
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The cat's lips remind me of the Yipyips.
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Very, very sweet - (normally hate this stuff.) Thanks.
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PWNED! Yeah, pretty much what others have said, in my experience the cat would just look at you all smug and then decide to stay outside. They have us trained so well.
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Tzarius: Owning a cat makes these videos better in the same way that having a kid makes looking at someone else's baby photos more interesting.

Garfield is actually not funny in any way whatsoever. Except for the parody where he dies and just sits there dead for panel after panel. That amused me.
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Garfield is also funny without Garfield. On the other hand, this is generally true.
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This guy needs to be more prolific... He nails the cat personality every time.. these are more entertaining than most prime time TV shows!

thanks for the link!
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Very cute. One of my dogs (sorry, cat people) used to do something very similar whenever she decided she wanted in. I was sure one day there'd be a Taffy-shaped hole in the door, and I'd find her in the living room with a "What?" expression on her face.
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One of my cats does this whenever he gets closed into the bathroom accidentally. Except that when you finally go to investigate and open the door to make the horrid din stop you find that doing so jars the cat from his (perfectly logical) perch clinging to the top of the closed door and sends him hurtling back to earth like a furry, clawed meteorite. Fucking cat thinks he's a ninja.
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Oh man, that was so wrong. Everyone who's ever owned a cat knows that after the dude opened the door, the cat would just look at him and then decide to stay outside.

Or he'd do a loop around the legs and then cry to be let back out.

Right, but both those possibilities are so obvious/inevitable I suspect they were rejected for that reason. (I go through this several times a day with our cats.)

Not as great as the first one, but very enjoyable. Thanks!
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"furry, clawed meteorite"

heh.... perfect term for startled, disoriented cat.... and exactly why you should always wear substantial clothing around one of the little buggers!
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Ah, the Pause. "Now that you've opened the door, I am reconsidering my rash decision to come indoors. Perhaps you would like to come out here?"

No, you little motherfucker, now get the hell inside. It's freezing.
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I heart this.
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I think there should be some tail thwapping against the door, to illustrate a cat's uncanny ability of trying to get its way even while it keeps up the appearance of completely ignoring you.

Our cat used to do this same "begging to be let in and then immediately reconsidering" routine, as well. But he had at least two specific characteristics that made him different from all other cats, and therefore my own special snowflake kitty: (1) he went crazy for green olives, as though they were catnip, and would lick them and bat them around the floor and roll around on his back against one in complete bliss, the nutball; and (2) the ringing of a phone would so annoy or interest him that he would knock the handset off the cradle and then proceed to sniff it for any signs of life, treating more than a dozen bemused callers to extended purring noises instead of the expected "hello."

*sigh* I miss him.
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My experience with this is as follows:

1.) Gentle pawing at bedroom door.
2.) Quiet meow.
3.) More frantic scratching at bedroom door.
4.) Long drawn out yooooowl.
5.) A time of suspicious quiet, followed by the squawk of the parrot indicating that someone is messing with him.
6.) I open door to check on parrot and then tell him to shut the hell up.
7.) Cat sneaks into room.
8.) Cat realizes dog is in room, and stands by door demanding to be let back out, angry that I've tricked it into spending time in the presence of that filthy drooling bark machine.
9.) Dog remains oblivious to cat. Dog is kind of dumb.
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Mine has figured out this clever ruse: when he's hungry, which is always, he will go to the door and sit patiently. When you get up to let him out, he runs to the kitchen. "As long as you're up..."
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