That doesn't sound like I remember it.
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Coverville is a wonderful, podcast which collects covers grouped by various themes.

Didn't get enough Hallelujah in this thread? Well, both Jeff Buckley and the Rufus Wainwright versions are in the 2007 Coverville Countdown. There are also the Teenage Girls, Allison Crowe, Willie Nelson and Street to Nowhere versions. Not to mention three versions uncredited in the description on the archive page. Of Course there is the two parter Lenard Cohen special edition: 1, 2.

The search form was not working for me, but the archive are all on one page and are easily searchable. I have a warm spot in my heart for the Britney Spears show (Toxic by the Chapin sisters!) and I don't care who knows it.
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Oh wow, I'm a big fan of Coverville, Brian Ibbott does a great job and puts so much work into his podcast, so funny that you posted this because I was going to start posting links to podcast a I feel more people should find out about.
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Man, I'm kind of shocked no one has done a post about Coverville before. It's a great, great show.
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I'm partial to this episode, but I just can't help myself when it comes to Pink Floyd covers.

Coverville is a pretty great show. I'm glad they're around.
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Coverville is the reason I bought an iPod. Damn you Brian Ibbott.
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Oh, and I highly recommend episode 398, The Bee Gees cover story.
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Bravo to this idea. Carry on....
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I promised myself when I joined metafilter I wouldn't be a thread crapper, but I gotta say, I used to listen to this show, but had to quit because it contained the three things that will ruin a podcast for me: call outs to other podcasts, endless talking not about the music, and "special guest appearances" by other podcasters. His music selection was top notch, but the rest just grated on my nerves and I haven't listed to it in years. I may try it again, just to see if my memory is just being ornery.

That said, the episodes I edited down and keep on my iPod are some of my favorite road listening with friends including: the Van Morrison, Elvis Costello and Classical coverage shows. Every one contains at least one, "What the hell is that... it's great!" moment.
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You are right 1f2frfbf he does talk a lot. To me, its part of the charm of the show but there are a dozen I listen to all the time I never would have found otherwise.
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it contained the three things that will ruin a podcast for me

Perhaps if you subscribed to the AAC feed, it might be more to your liking -- it's indexed by song so you can happily skip boring talking bits.
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Indexed by song, eh? Well, I'll give it another shot then. The things you learn by being crotchety...
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Wow, this is great. Just within the week I have been looking for cool covers. Bingo!
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This was the first and only podcast we subscribed to when they first became available on our TiVo. It became the standard background music when we had friends over, good stuff all around.
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This is wonderful stuff. Thank you, ShotHotBot, for pointing this stuff our way. Today's been a good day for finding good music via Metafilter.

Long live the cover!
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Thank you! I love covers and had no idea this podcast existed.
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