Hanzo the Razor,
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Hanzo the Razor (not to be confused with Hattori Hanzo) is the title character of a Jidaigeki film trilogy. Like Tom Laughlin and his Billy Jack films, Shintaro Katsu both produced and starred in the low-budget movies. Each story has Hanzo bringing down corrupt politicians with his special blend of booby traps, rape and torture. Reviews of the trilogy can be found here and here.
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The "booby traps" and "rape" links are NSFW, just to let those who would rather not get fired today know.
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While the misogyny and chauvinism in the Hanzo films is rampant, I still like them. Its kinda like blaxploitation with samurais. The opening sequence alone, with the penis exercises is fucking classic.
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Yeah, those Hanzo films are crazy over the top but for me, Shitaro Katsu will always be Zatoichi.
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I too would consider these films a guilty pleasure.

The production values are first rate and the music is fantastic. Series also has the most painful-looking broken nose ever. And who can forget the gang of forcibly-aborting bald nuns?

Having said that, I'm surprised to find Hanzo on the blue (I have a feeling it may not go down too well here, but I hope I'm wrong).
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I'm surprised to find Hanzo on the blue...

It's a little like the 'Walk This Way' video, with poetv busting over into the blue.

That said, I'm all for it.
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I love my Chambara.
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Okaaaaay, in the torture link, what was dude doing with the wooden baton & his dick? Was I completely missing it, or did he make a wooden plaster-cast of his johnson & then start beating on it with a baton or club? Please help, I want to have accurate nightmares about this.
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Yea thanks for the NSFW notice. Nothing like volume on full blast at work.

Eh...eveyone could use a little break and laughter today anyway. Fuck 'em.

*continues to play video at full volume
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"Hanzo, you see, is remarkably well endowed and has developed his sexual powers through a strict training program involving wooden blocks and a straw basket filled with rice." Here's the rest of Todd's review from Twitch.net.
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Is he having sex with that old-timey blocking sled in the last video, or just doing penis push-ups?
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This thread is useless without torrents.
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Faaantastic. Hanzo the Razor is great. I've had a blast telling incredulous friends about the penis-building scenes over the last few years. Definitely worth a watch, but... probably not with your girlfriend.
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