Fantastic Plastic Machine
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Fantastic Plastic Machine wants to take you to the disco, shop at Louis Vuitton and tell you the time. Don't forget the toy trains.

Fantastic Plastic Machine is Japanese musician and DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka. Interview.
(Uniqlock previously)
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The tune "Different Colors" that accompanies the excellent animated short at the Louis Vuitton clip is delightful. I especially like the extended intro section, before the beat kicks in. Tanaka has a great sense for montage. He's very clever!

Those who'd like to hear more can do so at FPM's MySpace page.
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I live FPM SO MUCH. Makes me happy all over.

That is all.
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Er, love. LOVE.
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First heard FPM on a couple of old Emperor Norton free cd mailers; though I normally despise that sort of music, but Fantastic Plastic Machine won me from the beginning. Also a big fan of Cornelius (especially his remixes of KD Lang, Beck, Buffalo Daughter, and others), which I've always lumped together with FPM, though not for any particularly good reason...
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FPM makes the 15 year old Japanese School Girl inside of me very happy.

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I love Fantastic Plastic Machine. I wish it was easier to download their stuff for free. If you like FPM, go get some Pizzicato 5 and some good bossa nova like gilberto and mendes and getz.
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I'll take Towa Tei over these guys any time, but FPM is pretty great.
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Deadpan-dancing cashmere-clad Japanese girls fill me with sad longing.
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Blazecock Pileon: East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94

Exactly what I wanted to post.
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Thanks for tying those things together, needled. Didn't realise FPM was behind the music for the Uniqlock, produced by another firm favourite, Yugo Nakamura, who's been spiralling Uniqlo's online stuff into equally joyous and silly heights. There's a beautiful convergance of movement, rhythm, fun, and flair happening right there on the clock, and as adverts go, it's definitely one of the few that fits into the 'improves the world' category.
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I love Fantastic Plastic Machine. I wish it was easier to download their stuff for free.

That's not what I would call love.
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FPM was one of those things where I actually sought out a CD to have for my very own. Now I just need more.

I do rather like the "Different Colors" tune, however. Does it exist in CD-form?
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I could only find "Different Colors" in the best-of compilation, which appears to be available through the usual cd purveyors.
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I just wish that when I went into a music store I could find some FPM. I discovered it years ago through an online radio stream, and have not yet found a damn album to purchase. The kinds of independent music stores that carry this kind of stuff seem only to exist in movies as far as I'm concerned.

(Yes I could probably buy it online, but I like poking through the CDs at the store...)
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Again with the Vuitton eh?

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