No Limb-its.
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Dustin Carter persevered and became a wrestler after he contracted a rare blood disorder which took all his limbs. His training is impressive.
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JEEBUS. Talk about core strength! The muscle kind ...and the other kind.
posted by tkchrist at 6:48 PM on March 7, 2008

I admire, I really do. But the Rocky music.. c'mon...
posted by Frasermoo at 6:57 PM on March 7, 2008

wasn't this just on CBS news?
posted by ianaces at 7:08 PM on March 7, 2008

Looks like he keeps getting his ass kicked.
posted by HTuttle at 7:18 PM on March 7, 2008

Yeah, well--I'm typing this with my pinkie finger!
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He's an inspiring, impressive kid and it's a great story, but I can't help but feel a little sorry for the high school boys on the other team who had to face him. Either you beat the kid with no arms and legs, or you get beat by the kid with no arms and legs.
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For a moment there I was concerned that the training montage would not feature Eye of the Tiger. Thank God my fears were unfounded.
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"Yeah baby, my package is so big it drags on the ground when I walk, you know what I'm saying?"so, so, sorry

In my nightmares tonight, a thousand Dustin Carters with prosthetic steel jaws are coming after me.
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I guess with no arms and legs he's in a much lower weight class than he would otherwise be in.

Not that that's much compensation.
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Note: the wrestling matches linked above appear to be from the STATE tournament, not some random high school. He was good enough to be one of the best 16 wrestlers (of his weight) in the state. He beat many people he wrestled, so I bet they got used to it yhbc.

Now I just feel really damn lazy.
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In Dean Kamen's dreams, a thousand Dustin Carters wave prosthetic steel arms, and run on prosthetic steel legs. It won't be long 'til that happens.
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Inspiring, humbling, and profound. A sublime offering, gman. Thank you.
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save for the typo, i really liked this line from the CBS article - Dustin lost about ever time he set his torso in the ring.
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He was good enough to be one of the best 16 wrestlers (of his weight) in the state.

How much do arms and legs weigh? I wonder whether losing them and dropping to a significantly lower weight class (for the size and strength of his torso and neck) might somehow almost kinda sorta (no fucking way) make up for the lost limbs.

But I'm not going to look. I'll just speculate. I don't think I'd want to see an actual basket case writhing around in combat with freaked out kids. I bet people would pay to see him wrestle Uncle Dirty, though.
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The training montage has one of his victories. He's likely to be a lot stronger than others in his weight class, and if he can get a leg hold or otherwise get his opponent off balance, he's probably very tough. He's in my old weight class, and in all likelihood, he would've beaten me by a large margin, not that that's saying much.

Very impressive. You've got to admire someone with the guts to pursue something through such adversity.
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FYI, you know meningococcemia isn't a "blood disorder", right? It's a bacterial infection; calling it a blood disorder is sorta like calling the flu a lung disease.
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Hard question, a bit of a stretch for my Google-fu. :) Here's the answer though.

Note that the table contains subtotals that are not properly distinguished, they are fractions rather than percentages, they seem to be gender, age and build averages, and the whole thing does not properly add up to 1.0. Possibly that's due to rounding errors, possibly due to derivation from severed limbs, which could vary a lot in terms of the cut location, while still being counted as a "severed arm" or "severed foot". For comparison, here's the specific data for an individual obese woman, apparently middle-aged.

Here's a slightly more useful restatement of the table (save as CSV):

Each upper arm (shoulder-to-elbow),0.035,,,
Each forearm (elbow-to-wrist),0.023,,,
Each hand,0.008,,,
TOTAL: EACH ARM (shoulder-to-fingertips),0.065,2,0.13,0.073
Each thigh,0.116,,,
Each lower leg (knee-to-ankle),0.053,,,
Each foot,0.018,,,
TOTAL: EACH LEG (hip-to-toes),0.185,2,0.37,0.298

"Number" is how many the ordinary person has. "Scan" is the values for the scanned individual linked above. Note the differences from the average. There's probably a way to work these out, but it'd take more effort than I have time for right now. :)
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