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The Religious Experience oof Philip K. Dick, as drawn by R. Crumb for Wierdo #17.
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Double. But a good one.
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Woah, good catch. Your turn!

('oof', oops)
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The sun glinting off the tiny, tiny letters this is written is giving me a powerful religious experienceheadache.
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trifecta in play?
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The Religious Experience oof! bam! pow! zap! Philip K. Dick
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Thanks mwhybark - I missed it the first time around. It also just struck me that Crumb must have been a significant influence on Richard Corben - the scene where Dick as John the Baptist gets garotted looks just like classic Corben.
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This is great. I vote to let it stay up.
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I wonder if Crumb deliberately drew it like a Chick Tract.
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you know, it's from 2002, maybe we can leave this here.
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Nice to see the "k" tag getting some use.
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yeah that's over five years, it should be cool to leave up I'd hope.
he said, obviously and redundantly
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The Empire never ended.
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That would be "triFARKta", dawson...
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oh wendell, you've just outed me, dammit! not that I was being terribly obscure
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You know, PKD was an interesting writer who wrote some fun books.

But he was a loony.
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This is great. I had never heard of Elijah and his wandering spirit before, but I just rewatched "Being John Malkovich" this afternoon and noticed that the pet chimp is named Elijah. I was wondering who Elijah was, and why Kaufman chose that name, but I forgot to look it up after I finished the movie. Now here it is explained. It makes perfect thematic sense -- Elijah's migrating consciousness is able to inhabit other people's minds, just like the characters in the movie are able to get inside Malkovich's head.
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You know, I never really put this together before - I was born in Staples, MN in 1971, but my family very shortly moved to San Diego, as my father was called to serve his third congregation. I lived in California from late 1971 to 1975, after which we moved to Minnesota.

My maternal grandparents lived in Fullerton, CA for several decades - in fact they both lived out their last days there. We visited them frequently throughout the seventies. It is quite certain that I visited Fullerton while Phillip K Dick was living there! That's weird. I mean, not really, statistically, but it's weird for me since I've been a Dick fan for a long time and never made that connection.

Well worth revisiting, thanks for posting it.
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Wow. Thank you for this -- I'm a big PKD fan, and somehow never knew this comic existed. Really made my night!
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To my amazement, as much as I've read about him, I have never read any of PKD's stuff. (And I love Crumb.) In exchange for this FPP, I will request a couple from the library. Thanks mwhybark!
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Why didn't he draw Dick piggy backing Elijah?
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First, PDF version of Weirdo 17

PKD's psychological eccentricities mark him as one of the most important American writers after 1945, especially in light of the fact that his work sometimes crosses over.

He used amphetamines and it shows up in his work, notably in one year in which he wrote 11 novels (can't find ref atm). To anyone unfamiliar with PKD's textual corpus, be forewarned that his writing is uneven from a literary standpoint.

From a mainstream point of view, some of his best novels (among those I've read) are Dr. Bloodmoney, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and We Can Build You. Novels such as A Scanner Darkly, and The Penultimate Truth are also well-written but are fractured in a way that can only be described as Dickian.
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nb: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said is one title.
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Shoot -- server's down or something. I wanna see it! I wanna see it!
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Nice post. I hadn't seen this.

Obviously I had to say something...
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