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As a credentialed zombie, I find this disturbing.....
posted by HuronBob at 7:56 PM on March 8, 2008

That had better be Teller's real voice and not a trick...
posted by wendell at 8:02 PM on March 8, 2008

Teller used the "I never talk, ever" schtick for so long, it's completely anticlimatic to now see him using the "Here I am, Teller, the one that never talks, actually talking" schtick. It's like when KISS unmasked. Too late, guys; we don't care what you look like now - put the masks back on.
posted by yhbc at 8:03 PM on March 8, 2008

I don't think "I never talk, ever" was a schtick; rather, it was a side-effect from hanging around Penn for so long.
posted by flatluigi at 8:28 PM on March 8, 2008 [1 favorite]

yhbc, Teller has spoken on a quite a number of occasions, just generally not as part of the "Penn & Teller" act. See his Wikipedia article for a fairly long list of such occurrences. While he plays it up for humor often, I don't think he ever really uses as some sort of astonishing climax.
posted by ErWenn at 8:54 PM on March 8, 2008

Yes, that's his real voice.

He's shown loading a shotgun, but then firing a rifle. Not exactly a continuity error, but slightly incongruous. Also, is that supposed to be a tape recorder he's talking into? I first thought it was a Taser...
posted by Tube at 9:46 PM on March 8, 2008

yhbc: To avoid the anticlimax, do you think Teller should never talk, ever?

He's doing something different. I don't think that makes it "shtick."
posted by PM at 10:33 PM on March 8, 2008

"Schtick," rather.
posted by PM at 10:34 PM on March 8, 2008

Schlitz? Schick? Actually, it's very anti-climactic. Makes me wonder what Harpo would have had to say. And I'd like to see more entries to Romero's contest. Interesting FPP.
posted by not_on_display at 11:00 PM on March 8, 2008

Naw, he's been talking when not in the act forever. Every time I hear an interview with him, it strikes me that he's a really smart, funny guy, but maybe not funny in a way that would work in the P&T act.
posted by roll truck roll at 1:10 AM on March 9, 2008

Admit it.

You all would love to see him shoot Penn in the head.

For real.
posted by bwg at 1:44 AM on March 9, 2008 [1 favorite]

I don't think he spoke once on screen
posted by filmgeek at 5:04 AM on March 9, 2008

Loved it, but I was hoping for a little more philosophizing since they've been pushing the "everything 'supernatural' is a hoax, no exceptions" line for so long. The zombie apocalypse would refute their core beliefs (I think)... it deserves more than "we thought it was bullshit; guess not though."
posted by hjo3 at 6:34 AM on March 9, 2008

I heard him talk once. But it was spoiled by some jerk revving up a chainsaw.
posted by hal9k at 6:47 AM on March 9, 2008

Teller talked to me. 1986. New York. He refused to serve me a drink. I was 14.

Why he was running concessions during the intermission of his own show I'll never know.
posted by sourwookie at 8:05 AM on March 9, 2008 [1 favorite]

filmgeek, from the Wikipedia article:

* Teller plays an anthropomorphic cat, Mr. Boots, on an episode of Dharma & Greg.[4] He also plays Mortimer in the 2000 film adaptation of the musical The Fantasticks (nearly all his dialogue was cut from the finished film since the character is a mute). He also speaks in a guest starring role on the "Like a Hurricane" episode of Miami Vice in 1987.

* In the 1987 movie Long Gone, Teller played the son of Henry Gibson (whom he strongly resembles) and deliberately imitated the strong Southern accent Gibson used in the film. Gibson and Teller are both originally from Philadelphia.

* Teller also speaks several lines at the end of Penn & Teller Get Killed, after playing his usual silent role for nearly the entire movie. He also appears (and speaks) in Mysteries of Magic, Volume 3, and speaks occasionally in the travelogue series Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour, but tends to let Penn speak on his behalf. In one exception, Teller describes an encounter with an Egyptian magician and how he was fooled by the cups and balls trick.

* During Penn & Teller's 1991 "Refrigerator Tour", Penn quips on stage, "Teller never talks", to which Teller comments in a normal speaking voice, "That's right, Penn."

* During an episode of The Unpleasant World of Penn and Teller, Teller screams and says "Oh God" while pretending to cut off his thumb. In the final episode Teller speaks while posing as a dummy of himself.

* Penn & Teller guest-starred on Babylon 5 in the episode "Day of the Dead". They played Rebo and Zooty, a pair of visiting comedians, the shorter of whom speaks only through a machine. Teller's character is shown to whisper in Sheridan's ear during the denouement, saying "Because it tells me to".

* Teller speaks extensively in the History Channel special Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery, though he is shot with a back light to hide his face in silhouette. He also speaks off-camera in the Showtime television series Bullshit! (usually in the form of profanity). On a celebrity episode of Fear Factor, Teller briefly breaks his silence by quietly exclaiming "Yes!"

* During "off the deep end," Teller screams whilst going down a water slide.

* When Penn & Teller were interviewed on The Daily Show, one of Craig Kilborn's 5 Questions was "Teller! Say something!" In response, Teller covered his mouth, uttering "Fuck you, Craig", thus compelling the censors to bleep it or render it silent. A similar incident occurred on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

* After most of their performances (including at their current showplace, the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada) the duo mingles with the crowd in the lobby for photos and autographs. Teller speaks to all comers, which was not always the case.[5]

* Teller also contributed an audio review of the book The Glorious Deception, by illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer, on National Public Radio in July 2005.[6]

* The January 31, 2007 episode of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe has a six-minute interview with Teller.[7]

* In the special Penn and Teller's Invisible Thread, a scuffle with some military officers in an airport hangar after a conversation with an alien prompts Teller to shout his partner's name into a megaphone.

* In an appearance on Late Night, Teller (portraying a dummy version of himself) speaks to David Letterman as a demonstration of how the dummy can talk, and later screams in pain.

* In an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! entitled "Nukes, Hybrids, and Lesbians", Teller burns himself with a match and mutters a swear under his breath.

* In the beginning of another episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! entitled "PETA", Penn stands in the foreground with Teller, heating up a cattle branding iron with the word "Bullshit!" on it while a live bull (who Penn has named "Dave") stands in the background. Penn brands Teller with the iron, to which Teller exclaims "Mother Fucker! Ohh!" Penn laughs and says to the bull, "Hey cool, Dave, he can talk!".

* In the August 20, 2007 episode of the New York Times' "Science Times" podcast, Teller is interviewed.[8].

* In the December 24, 2007 show All Things Considered Teller spoke at length about his stageplay version of Macbeth[9].

* Teller did the voice of the character Octum in the English language version of the animated movie Light Years (1988).

Most of these are done on screen.
posted by ErWenn at 8:09 AM on March 9, 2008

Teller AND zombies? This is the best Sunday ever.
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 12:24 PM on March 9, 2008 [1 favorite]

I find the premise of the video beyond belief. Everyone knows the only things that would survive a zombie infestation of Vegas would be cockroaches and Wayne Newton.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:52 PM on March 9, 2008 [1 favorite]

Sorry, on screen as teller expect to 'play the joke.' I've met him a number of times and he speaks just fine. It's part of the persona of "Teller"
posted by filmgeek at 6:36 AM on March 23, 2008

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