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The Battery's Down is a new musical web series about an aspiring New York actor, Jake Wilson - ostensibly playing himself. Written and directed by Wilson, it also contains cameos by Broadway actors - and feature songs composed by up-and-coming musical theatre composers (each song is also available for download).

There is also outtakes and merchandise.

Episode One: The Big Apple (part one, part two)

Episode Two: The Unsinkable Molly Black (part one, part two)
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This is interesting. Does anybody know who is behind it? A major network? Who commissioned it? I like it though, kind of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' meets 'Fame'.
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It seems like Jake Wilson is making it with the help of a few friends in the industry - most likely to make a name for himself. He's got a few small credits - but the composers of the songs have all written full-length works to varying degrees of success. So they all seem to be pooling their talents to get noticed. And it's pretty impressive for the budget - the songs and choreography are wonderful.
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Episode Three: Rollcoaster Highway (part one, part two)
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