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A Day in the Death of Donny B is a 1969 short film/docudrama following the life of a junky.
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First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait....
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That was a pretty powerful little film. It's greatest strength is obviously in its style, but it also avoids to a pretty good extent the hyperbolizing, preaching, and just being out of touch that make most other anti-drug films so terrible.

The singing could use work though.
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Nice find...thanks... I sent it on to the prevention people where I work... kids will find this interesting... the life depicted is not that different than what they see in the neighborhood every day...40 years later...
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Art disguised as information...whodathunk?

Nice find.
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This is great. There's also a version you can download at Archive.org.
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Nice. Most junkies tell the same story, most famously William Burroughs: (via Ingrid Kerkoff):
not much of a life:

Naked Lunch represents the same quest through drugs found in Junkie... "I Don't Want To Hear Any More Tired Old Junk Talk and Junk Con. . . . The same things said a million times and more and there is no point in saying anything because NOTHING Ever Happens in the junk world" (NL, P. xiii)." The introduction rejects the earlier endless quest for nirvana as self-deceptive and suicidal escapism. All drugs have been tried and all have led to greater bondage rather than freedom from the conditions of physical and social existence.

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