Indigenous Australian Dance Ceremonies
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Aboriginal dance (also known as a corroboree) helps indigenous Australians to interact with the Dreamtime through dance, music and costume. Many ceremonies act out events from the Dreamtime. Many of the ceremonies are sacred and people from outside a community are not permitted to participate or watch. However, there are many ceremonies we've been allowed to witness (here's one of my favourites). And there's plenty of related pictures available at the National Museum's website. Naturally, any indigenous Australians reading should note that these links may include images or names of people who may now be deceased.
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Are you a fish?
Are you a snake?
Are you a man?

Who are you?
Who are you?

Who are you?
Who are you?

Who are you?
Who are you?

Are you Mulkurul?
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This is great—I've read about the dances and chants, and seen grainy photos, but seeing actual clips is much more enlightening. That "fish and bird" one is riveting. Thanks for the post!
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The bird and fish one is indeed pretty neat. Is it my imagination, though, or is it shot from a somewhat hidden angle, and at the end does someone whisper "did you get that on video?" "yeah - sssssshhhhh!"? Are we cursed if we watch it, and if we feel guilty does it make it ok?
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Ha! I'd never heard that before freebird, but after reading your comment I had another look and turned the volume right up. The person with the camera does indeed say that. But I suspect it's OK. There seems to be a lot of white folk about and one of the comments on the video looks to be from an indigenous person who hailed from up in North QLD, and she certainly had no objection to it being posted on Youtube. So yeah, obviously I can't say for certain but I'm hedging my bets that you won't find yourself cursed anytime soon.
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I am full-on into religion and people who believe in magical times and stuff. Riveting.
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Is it me or did the fish-and-bird video have a pretty deep "circle of life" type theme?
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* takes off indigenous hat *
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Thank you for this, and for the culturally sensitive consideration in the FPP too.
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It's totally just you benson.
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Anything that lets me learn more about one of the few known cultures on this earth who can remember and trace 40,000 years of direct history has my undivided attention.

Mad respect for having the knowledge to provide the warning in the FPP.
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Has the Zorba dance been linked before? I'm not trying to draw attention away from traditional dance, but it's a view of some kids having fun in between traditional dance sessions that people here might not have seen.
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