Time Banking
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Enjoy volunteering? Time banking allows you to get something back for your efforts. It's even the official currency of the micronation Lovely. Via
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Wow, what a cool concept. I need to spend some time studying it to see if the implementation looks workable, but I love the idea. Thanks, fermezporte!
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Interesting concept, similar to giving circles, except with more focus on the community's internal needs. I wouldn't say this is 'volunteerism for Time Dollars' though. It's more like bartering with people in your immediate community. Edgar Cahn's idea is to replace a monetary currency with a time-based currency, and it's not a new one.

I just wish I didn't get the feeling he's just trying to make a buck, though...
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Can I buy the Time Bank StartUp Kit (tm) with Time Dollars (tm)?
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Very interesting idea. ..But is there something faintly defeating about the premise of volunteering in order to get something back?

Oh Christ, now I sound like my mother.
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I found these Wikipedia articles to be illuminating on the topic:
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