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Dozens of the web's best visualization tools. Neat choices include TuneGlue's music map using data from Amazon and, Packetgarden's weird world grown from your websurfing habits, Akamai's real-time network visualization, the many widgets of, the hypnotic maps of the mood of blogs from We Feel Fine, the beautiful galleries of Visual Complexity, and a neat list of tools for drawing diagrams. [some prev]
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This is great. I studied visual representation of data relationships when I was doing a degree in librarianship. It is a very exciting field with tremendous potential. I like KartOO, but it's very primitive. To make a good system, the most important thing you need is good semantic analysis so that key concepts are identified in each data element. AI with human review is probably the best way to go. From there, it is relatively simple to generate graphic representation.
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IF anyones got any good recommendatiosn for a good free tool to do mindmap type things I'm all ears.

[/too lazy to go to ask]
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This is great. A while back (almost a year now I think), I came across swivel, thought it looked cool, and quickly forgot what the name of the site was.

Now I've finally found it again.

I highly recommend checking it out. It allows you to upload data and graph it, but one of the cooler features is the fact that you can create graphs with data that has already been uploaded, which is great for creating graphs of things like religiosity vs. GDP or other graphs to make your point look more valid. :)
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Many Eyes, which seems similar to swivel, might also be worth a look.
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Artw:, mindmeister, mindomo, gliffy. the least is a diagramming tool, not specifically a mindmapping tool. I've only tried freemind myself, not the web-based ones, but I've been bookmarking them.
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The many eyes description in the first link has metafilter users mapped out in relation to each other.. img
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@ejaned8: I've tried mindomo. It's flash based. I hated it.
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IF anyones got any good recommendatiosn for a good free tool to do mindmap type things I'm all ears.

Well for me (and this is non-snarky honest) it's a pen and a bit of paper... as I find for creative thinking - which is what I use mind maps/spider diagrams for 90% of the time - then anything else is just too restrictive on the way my brain works. But I will try the above links
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