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Nyanko The Movie 2. I've been thinking about ordering this, but I'm afraid it'd be my own personal Infinite Jest. It's a movie about cats.

The synopsis from the page:
Fuji TV's hit program Mezamashi Doyobi ("Wake Up Saturday") presents Nyanko the Movie 2. Like the previous entry in the series, this cute and fuzzy title places the feline center stage. The film is divided into three segments, with music provided by popular indie artist S.E.N.S. In addition to the lead kitten featured in the first film, viewers will get to see even more cats, an island full of them to be exact. On a fishing island where felines outnumber people, the cats live like gods, as dogs are forbidden entry and the residents lavish love on them. Little do the cats know, a storm is about to come sweeping in.
Here is a very, very short trailer for the first movie (click the third one from the left on the pane of the flash window). And the site for the second, and a longer trailer. I like the fat kitty that claws the lady's hand then takes the food she's offering. He's a jerk!
There's also apparently a puppy version called Wanko. snerk
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*sees cat swimming in bathtub*

*puts head in microwave*
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Is it just me or is this the slowest-loading video of all time? I am dying to watch this but it'll take an hour at this rate. And if I hit 'pause' to allow it to d/l, it just stops. Is it on YT anywhere?
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Sadly, I'm not seeing it up on YouTube. The video was going slowly for me, although for me, the pause trick would work. Perhaps it's just so slow loading that it takes a while for the download to kick in?
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The trailer gave me the spinning rainbow wheel of nothingness...although the cat in the bathtub made it worth the hassle.
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Despite my rather humorous name, I am, in actuality, a large, aging, cantankerous and excruciatingly cranky bald man. The vid had me squeeing and cooing at levels that I am exceedingly uncomfortable with. I am most unhappy with the moment that I squealed, "COW KITTY!" Please don't make this happen again.

-The Mgmt.
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I would like to buy this film.

I have 3 cats already. I don't really need a video of cats doing things, but for some reason, i am inexorably drawn to this.

I suspect XKCD is right.
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Makes me miss my recently deceased tailless kitty. Harsh cuteness.
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Thanks for posting cats. :)
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There is no question here. You must get this video.
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Bizarre. I wonder what course the cat was teaching.
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Would I like this better if I understood Japanese?
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... I don't know! I wish I knew Japanese, particularly if it'd make me enjoy it more. I love kitties!
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Um, I don't understand the Infinite Jest reference. Yeah, I've read the Wallace book (mostly meh!), now how does it relate?
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The titular film -- the one so entertaining that people stop doing anything else other than watching it over and over, including eating/sleeping/etc. Fatally entertaining. I could see me doin' that to this.
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This reminded me of a crazy 10 minute animal segment that came on some Japanese show in the evening last week. Was thinking, "oh I should record this", but of course someone else already did: ハムSTAR WARS VS ハツカネズミ - that's basically "ham-star wars" (hamster is pronounced sort of like hamstar in Japanese)
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The Internet has taught me that Japanese TV is solely made up of:
A. Constant Cartoons.
B. Hyper-violent game shows.
C. Variety Shows with lots of super-imposed stuff I can't read.
D. Domesticated Animals doing stuff.

You cannot show me otherwise.

Japanese TV is the best thing ever. I could do without B, but when that's your worst.... AWESOME.

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The three-legged kitty hopping over to nuzzle on the elderly lady melted my frigid heart.
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Okay, Rev., I got it now!
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