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Questionaut is a charming flash application from the very talented Amanita. Kotaku jokingly calls it a 'Juvenile Timewaster', but how juvenile is it?
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I just came across this via JayIsGames and thought it was so cute. The artwork is really lovely. I wish there were more fun little things like this. And no, I have no shame about playing a kids game. Because it's just that damn cute.
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I challenge the fact it's a kid's game. I got a few questions wrong and I'm way past being a kid... by age.
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I enjoyed this, thanks! Very cute.
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Heh, well my old hippy school didn't bother teaching grammar and I was too busy passing notes to pay attention in math, so yeah - I got a few wrong too.
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but how juvenile is it

Juvenile in that it is an overt learning tool with questions that correspond to specific educational outcomes (looks like something around 6-7th grade). What I find surprising is that it is also charming and interesting.

I got a few questions wrong

You aren't drilled on this stuff until it makes you weep with rage.
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I am now in a weird mood, thanks.
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Nice artwork.
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Absolutely adorable! The art was really charming, and the music fit too.
My goofing off in math class at around 6th/7th grade really showed, too, which was funny.
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That was good fun, and pretty. I knew it was the Samorost guy as soon as it loaded. Samorost 1 and 2 still set the bar for "juvenile" timewasters.
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the floating pot pie one took me way too long to figure out.
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Okay, I'm going to look like an idiot, but how do I get started on stage 3? I can't figure out what to click or do. Let the mocking begin. . .
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Which one is stage 3?
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(I've beaten the game and would love to help, but don't recall what stage 3 is.)
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Metafilter: Each day had its own bar.
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I missed one because I don't know what a conjunction is. In my defense, they don't teach grammar in American schools.
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3? is that the one with the animals? pull someones tail...
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Stage 3 took me forever too.

Cute! Thanks!
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What is the name of the substance you put in a balloon to make it lighter than air?

a) Oxygen
b) Fuel
c) Lifting gas

What is dansdata?

a) A curmudgeon
b) A spoilsport
c) A nitpicker
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For 3 - click on the cat's tail, then the little canary, then the owl.

What's a lovely game. It's reassuring that the BBC would fund projects like these. I wish I know more people who could appreciate the beauty of these apps and the time and effort needed to do the art.
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Aww man, kids these days are so lucky. When I was a kid we had to learn geometry the hard way.

(Uphill, both ways, in the snow.)
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Why won't the water boil?
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Turn the gas even higher.
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Nevermind, got it.
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From now on I intend to learn strictly within a hot-air (or question gas) balloon.
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the sound in this game is beautiful!
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Can't get the pie stage (6). No clue. Not asking for one either. :)
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Gorgeous game, love the graphics and sound. This strikes me as something that would be great for the Nintendo DS as a kind of surreal, imaginative brain training game for kids (and adults!), using the stylus to interact with the world.
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Guess-my-interface-games: as fun as using non-standard regular expressions.
I liked the word chopping guys
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I can't get past the pie stage either, and I am asking for a clue. I assume the numbers have something to do with it, but I've clicked the colors in every arrangement I can think of and the old bastard just sits there shooting his binary digits at the colored columns. I want to get on to the last stage and I don't care how I do it. Hope me!
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Languagehat, ten is a triangular number.
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Citizen Premier - no Schoolhouse Rock in your house growing up (I guess this applied to a certain age group only). You should get the DVDs. It's still how I remember many rules of grammar.
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Languagehat, ten is a triangular number.

Got it -- many thanks!
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Not as "educational," but vectorpark is similar, and also charming. From the front page I recommend clicking on the box in the upper right hand corner. Enjoy!

For the "educational" (and altruistic), but not as charming, try freerice.
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Very cool artwork! Nice site. Thanks for the link.
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the pie stage was interesting, I had a hard time figuring it out but finally did. Had a lot of trouble w/the questions in the battery stage though. This is a great mindbender even for adults.
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absolutely gorgeous - when it loaded i was wishing there were 'adult' games as beautifully made, but upon reuniting the neighbour with his top hat i realise that it doesn't really matter - an engaging game is an engaging game.
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sitegeist: excellent clue
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I really enjoyed this but I think it's a bad learning tool- you have to know the answers already. It's more of a very pretty exam.
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The serious games mailing list (don't ask) was just discussing this game, and someone called it "chocolate covered broccoli." I have to agree, a beautiful game covering up the worst kind of teaching. The things that make the game fun have nothing to do with the things that the game is trying to teach. It would be better without the quiz.
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I agree, these are absolutely beautiful. I wish the questions were a little better, though. Nothing unusual, just the general complaint that (as with most multiple choice questions) they want a very specific level of thought--not too dumb, but not too bright either.

Two parallel lines will
a) Never cross
b) Always cross
c) It depends on how they are drawn

Yeah, yeah, it's obvious, but I'd be the ten-year-old who was really proud of his non-Euclidean knowledge, and really irritated at being punished for it.

And what was that earlier one about not needing to read every word of non-fiction? I think they meant "reference", right? Because I've encountered some beautiful non-fiction in my time... Who'd encourage little kids to skim The Right Stuff?
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Just an FYI: This game is designed for Key Stage 2 kids, which means British children between the ages of 7 and 11. Hence the questions.
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Wow, this is really well done. Thanks, it was fun to play!

Also, nice to be 'confronted' with those lodged-in-back-of-mind factoids. I got a couple wrong, too.
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