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The University of South Carolina recently completed an ambitious survey of all medieval texts in the state for an exhibit at the university library. All the works were scanned and archived electronically. However, not only can you view the texts online, you can hear the university's chorus sing (MP3) the musical manuscripts.

Highlights include such content as Astronomical tables from 15th century Italy and commentaries on Aristotle, and such eye candy as miniature illuminations, and gilded grand illuminations.

Nota bene: the java based browser seems to be flaky with some browsers.
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As a medieval art history nerd, I am very excited to look through these carefully when I have the time, and listen to the mp3's. Thanks for the post.
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Woo! Go Cocks!

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Wow. Just up the road, Duke has been scanning in the Oxy Papyri for ages, but it doesn't diminish the coolness of this.

Rock the digitization, Medievalists!
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Most of these 'texts' turn out, on closer inspection, to be single leaves from medieval manuscripts, courtesy of Otto Ege and his trusty pen-knife. Still, it's nice to have them digitised, and all credit to USC for this enterprising project.

'The Bob Jones Chronicle of the Popes and Emperors' struck me as a bit incongruous, until I discovered that Bob Jones was also an enthusiastic collector of Italian Baroque art, which I find utterly astonishing. Some of Bob Jones's fellow-evangelicals find it surprising too, given that Baroque art, as we all know, portrays Jesus as a homosexual. (Do follow the link, it's the funniest thing you'll read all day -- I particularly like the reference to 'famous pagan artists' such as, er, Rembrandt, Titian, Botticelli ..)
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I have never been, but I have heard it said that the art collection at Bob Jones University is one of the finest in the state. Life can be funny sometimes.
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It is indeed a very fine art collection, however, once when I went they wouldn't allow my female friend in as she was wearing pants. True story.

That article dropping fundamental pwnage on Bob Jones made my head hurt. But then, this state does that to me a lot.
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Yeah but a state that didn't make you constantly want to tear your hair out would be nowhere near as interesting.
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