We're in ur magazeen, puttin werds on ur moddles.
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When Lolcats meets Go Fug Yourself, hilarity ensues. From the highly entertaining Jezebel. Oh, hai Anna!
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woooooo!!!! This FPP is fabulous.
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Is this where I say DO NOT WANT?
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Yr f4v3 707c4t2 i2 teh sux0rs!
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invisible joke
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Actually I was laughing at the Marie Claire cover, and telling myself that it's a great "photoshoping" until I get that it's actually the real cover. Sooo pathetic.
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Eating disorders are hilarious!
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I made you a nice comment, but I deleted it.
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Your favourite hilarity sux.

Also: is this the bitchiest mefi thread evar?
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this hilarity
i r not findin it
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Her last name is Cocks. Heather Cocks. That makes this whole effort worthwhile.

It's like being called Oliver Cunt.
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Don't listen to the grumpy naysayers, Space Kitty. This is deeply funny. Grumpy Naysayers: GETT OF MAI LON!
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This lolcat is actually quite beautiful.

I was the shadow of the waxwing slain
By the false azure of the windowpane...
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A friend of mine has been doing LOLads, where serious questions such as do models *bleep* in the woods are mixed with fashion advice like Knock knees, stumbler, the flamingo and strum sassy - but adLOL's are more like this another reason Bud drinkers should take the stairs, cheezebra?, *atjchoo* stooped allergies. All of them are created from ad-stills.
yes, I have very twisted friends. Love em! :)
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Lolcats: like a zombie Carrot Top, you are ugly, unfunny, and refuse to die.
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the counter part to lol cats
fail dogs
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chuckdarwin : No... Oliver Cunt is a much better name. It's not like her name was Olivhis Cock...

Why am I reading this thread instead of sleeping...?
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Ah! I LOLed at fail dogs. I really did. I hate dogs.
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this hilarity
i r not findin it


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was i the only one who expected this had something to do with norman mailer?



yeah, probably. damnit.
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I'll see your Norman mailer and raise you a Bette Davis, vellocet.
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I lolled in my pants.

But that might have been the Alli.

Great post!
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Favorited and saved for work reading joy.
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Some decent lolcaptions, though repeated use of "tard" kind of spoiled things.
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Jezebel bugs the crap out of me, but I haven't quite figured out why. Perhaps because the supposed satire there is a very thin (and unfunny) veneer over actually taking all this bullshit seriously.

98% of those LOLVogue captions don't work at all. The images are far too complicated and not amusing by themselves, the Vogue magazine text is distracting, and the captions are too wordy and not at all snappy. This is the only one that made me snicker.

The fail dogs people have the formula correct - a simple funny image with a caption that adds an extra layer of humor.

Jessica of Go Fug Yourself is fabulously nice and fun. I haven't met Heather of the unfortunate last name.
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Holy cow. Models are really fun and easy to make fun of. I especially like ze LOLCHIATSFRANÇAISE ones.
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Squeak Attack, you're not alone. I stopped reading Jezebel a while back - it's a little too catty and arrogant for my taste, too half-cocked to be as cocky as it is. Jezebel reminds me of the snobby girls in high school who were the intersection of cool and smart - not quite the popular kids, not quite the brainiacs, but enough of both to be pretentious. You want to hang out with them and be their friend, because you're smart and you want to be cool, but you don't quite like them.

What drove me away from Jezebel once and for all was Moe's obnoxious comments on eating disorders, namely, that they "can be solved with, you know, a good strain of second-world-type notgivingashititis. Or, like, adulthood."

She kind of apologizes later down in the thread, but that comment really rubbed me the wrong way.
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I lolled. It's not so much the models as the stupid ways people dress them up and have them pose that makes it teh funnay.
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I think that these are infinitely more enjoyable if you grew up as a young girl inundated with such magazine mainstays as Glamour's "Fashion Dos and Don'ts", where pictures of actual people, innocently trying to go about their days in comfortable, functional clothes, are put up, with the faces blacked out, as examples of what NOT to wear, juxtaposed next to emaciated, perfectly-accessorized models dressed by stylists. What pretentious, snarky crap that was!

It's good to get a little reality-check revenge, so I'll definitely take the LOL!Models humor, even with my own past as the skinny leggy girl.
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Twice as dumb and half as funny as Lolcatz.
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Lolcats: like a zombie Carrot Top, you are ugly, unfunny, and refuse to die.
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Your user name is 'nom nom' backwards, and you're bagging lolcats?
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