Art of TekkonKinkreet
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I just saw this last night. The level of detail, as you can see, is mindblowing, and consistent throughout the film. Unfortunately the plotting is a little confused, likely suffering from cramming a richly detailed manga into the film format (much like Akira did). The excellent soundtrack is by Plaid, who I happen to have an e-crush on, so that was a pleasant surprise. Definitely worth seeing.
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Thanks for the link! Wonderful, evocative art and the setting somehow reminds me of old hong kong. The blogger's own drawings aren't bad either.
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I watched this in HD about 2 months ago and the level of art from the animation, writing, music etc was really inspiring. Thanks, Blazecock!
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uncanny. i just watched this for the first time last night as well.
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mek - Plaid is an old favorite of mine as well. There is a remix CD of the soundtrack too, involving Derrick May, Prefuse 73, Shinichi Osawa, and others.

The DVD of TK that I rented had an interview with Ed + Andy plus the filmmaker about the soundtrack. I found it amusing. The two guys are laid-back and sincere thruout the interview, but they're not used to being interviewed on camera and didn't seem comfy talking about their process.
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Those are some great illustrations. Can I gel wallpaper sized ones anywhere?
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Wow. It actually made me nostalgic for a place I've never been in a time before I lived.
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Read the book. Read the book. Read. The. Book.
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The art is impressive ($$$), but the story was thin at best, and absent at worst. Watch Mind Game. If you haven't seen it, you haven't seen the best of Studio 4°C.
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How's the story stack up to Paprika?
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Paprika is okay, but TK suffers from terrible underlying-indie-self-centeredness, and a plot that has ADD. Have you seen Millennium Actress? Loads, loads better than Paprika, I thought.
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Man, I loved Black and White, but this is just amazing artwork. Thanks.
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Arias on Tekkon Kinkreet, interviewed by Ben Ettinger. The inimitable Koji Morimoto was going to direct this; here's his 1999 trailer. (Oh, and: seconding crunch buttsteak.)
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Those are beautiful! I really enjoyed Paprika, maybe I should check this out, and Millennium Actress.
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this is the book link.. and ditto, the book was so good (read before the movie in my case) that i spent all night up to finish it.

the book won a best of 2007 award from publisher's week. it's awesome.
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Still waiting to see the art of ThelaHunGinjeet
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