Even IGN.com is going subscription!
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Even IGN.com is going subscription! They're calling it Insider, and it's going to cost $20 a year or $10 for 3 months. "Features" include a printable pdf version of IGN, and some other things that seem like total garbage. However it remains vague about what you will keep as a nonsubscriber. I don't see this even remotely succeeding unless they restrict the very basic features of IGN (reviews, etc.).
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I don't know how many of you guys read IGN, but I read many sections of their site almost daily. PC game reviews, Dreamcast reviews, gaming news, movie reviews, their gear section and pictures of babes from "IGNForMen" (their online Maxim type site formerly known as the DEN). It's really a great network for young, hip, media followers such as yours truly. :)
posted by swank6 at 12:48 PM on April 14, 2001

The link didn't work for me, but this one did.
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Here' s a link. And another one.

Anyway, the ugly navigation/search bar at the top of each and every page at IGN, which was one of the worst additions to the site ever, is a (not so serious - I know - but stil...) reason for me not to become an insider.

Plus, there's always ZDnet's Gamespot.
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Who wants to pay just to have access to the "Wall Office Cam" where he'll be able to spy on IGN.com editors?

Except for the VIP message board status and the access to a PDF version of the website (so that you can ... print it), you can get everything else that Insider has to offer by simply becoming a free member.

So, why bother?
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Ah, doh, thanks for fixing the links. I guess I suck at typing.

That's what I am wondering. It actually doesn't say if the free services will be free forever. I think eventually if they need money, they will have to make reviews and such member only.
posted by swank6 at 2:04 PM on April 14, 2001

Never even heard of the site; couldn't care less if they want to go out of business by trying to charge a subscription fee.
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A subscription model is a sure way to drive off readers in droves. God, all of the huge, crappy Flash ads you see these days are bad enough (Salon, etc.)!
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IGN Reviews and Previews and the sort, what IGN is known for, are probably not going to go under the Insider label. But as a gamer, what concerns me, is that they have Gaming Guides and a HUGE Code Vault up, with some information that is very hard to find on the net. We're talking codes for AMIGA games, if you can believe that. If that goes under the Insider contract, it's something that definitely would have an impact, good or bad.
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