Your Favorite [Cassette] DJ Savior
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Dual cassette deck DJ. DJ Ramsey of Scottsdale, Arizona does with cassettes what DJ's have done for decades with vinyl records, CDs and mp3s.
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DJ "Ruthless Ramsey" Higgins.
posted by puke & cry at 2:18 PM on March 20, 2008

That is just wicked cool.
posted by uncleozzy at 2:20 PM on March 20, 2008

There's another video on there, btw.
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Strange skill set to develop...kind of like someone who can bust a move with Palm Graffiti or something.
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That's at least 8 kinds of awesome.
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Cool, but not all that impressive as a DJ. Making those scratching noises is ridiculously easy with the right sources/samples. The beatmatching is spotty, at best, and he relies on the old "use the same tracks in both decks so you don't have to pitchbend" trick.

You can do the same thing with turntables. Just drop two identical records on the decks, zero out the pitch control, place the needles wherever and pingpong the crossfader. Hey, look! New breakbeats!

However, I learned to DJ with cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. My first experiences with tempo-matching beats was with portable cassette-recorders or reel-to-reel decks with pitch control wheels. What he's doing takes some skill, but 90% of what he's doing is what I call a bad case of "fancy elbow". It's a lot of flashy, distracting movements.

Now I do all of that with WAV and MP3 files I can't even actually see or touch. No, doing good software DJing isn't easier - it's harder. I do it because it's more flexible, it has more options for creative control, and I get to carry ALL of my music to any gigs. (See my profile for a link to a free download of a live mix set.)
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Brings back memories of the 2003 Cassette Jockey championship at Camp Gay, in Chicago. Quite possibly the hippist event I will ever attend in my life.
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Longtime Kansas City musician, horn sculpturist, and instrument inventor Mark Southerland (TJ Dovebelly, Malachy Papers, Eugene Chadbourne, Snuff Jazz) does scratching with some old 8-track players, although I've never seen him beat juggle with them.

Also, I remember Mix Master Mike saying that's how he started DJing because he couldn't afford turntables. I think it was in Scratch.
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Loquacious, yeah, I was about to say that at least two friends of mine learned to dj with tape decks that had pitch control... the funniest set I ever saw was dj'ed entirely on two fisher-price players and the guy was using two 45's.

It's still nice to see that some people will do anything to play music, technology notwithstanding.
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Put a smile on my face like Ultra Brite.
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I've heard a tape jockey once, but I didn't get to watch how he did it. Thanks for posting this.
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Congratulations, you produced a crabby fucking scratch with a tape deck.
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Now I do all of that with WAV and MP3 files I can't even actually see or touch. No, doing good software DJing isn't easier - it's harder.

Agree with that. I found dj'ing turntables so much easier than cds because they have a concrete feel, like playing a drum or another instrument. Digital manipulation can be much more unpredictable.
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Oh, and Loquacious: the "old trick" you are referring to is the very first DJ skill ever developed, looping the "get down part" a/k/a breakbeat. It's not some way of avoiding beatmatching between different songs.
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First vinyl, now cassette tapes. Next thing you'll want to tell me that DJs are using cds... or even digital music files.
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rxrfrx, that's incredibly debatable. Djs that played Disco records in clubs would beat match different records and crossfade. That's pre-hip hop innovation of playing breakbeat back to back with breakbeat to continue a groove for a rapper to spit over.
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Oh and loquacious, that's a great mix. What did you use? Ableton? Traktor?
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That's Traktor vs. vinyl in a free-for-all 2x4 set. D.syn is carrying a lot of weight in that mix, because he owns way too much good vinyl and it's hard for me to keep up or not otherwise just be outright schooled, but it worked well.
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There was a russian dj that did this a few years ago, here's an up-close view of one of his decks.
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