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Top Ten Fan-Made "Sweded" Films Featuring: Predator, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Die Hard, Back to the Future, Goldfinger, Total Recall, Jurassic Park, Armageddon, Lord of the Rings and Terminator 2.
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When one has blitz a bulldog or smiley down there trees then they may feel sweded.

Look at rich, he's had 10 sweders and is gurning to fuck.

Thank you, Urban Dictionary. How ever would I traverse the densely populated habitiats of this world without your caring insights??
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Yes, it does eloquently tap into and translate into common terms the most complex inner workings of the elitest of social microcosms... does it not?
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You'll note that that particular definition was thumbs-downed -- I'm sorry, sweded -- 64 times.

(Apologies if my usage has blitz a bulldog or smiley down there trees.)
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I suspect this has nothing to do with rutabagas.
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Interesting post (Predator was my favourite), but I'd like to quote Anthony Lane, from his New Yorker review of "Be Kind, Rewind":

This user-generated content, as it is called, marks either a long-overdue democratization of the arts or, if you prefer, a mass proliferation of the mediocre,
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I'm already kind of upset that Taxi Driver isn't on the list. But I guess I haven't seen all of these films yet, and their reasons for picking them seem pretty good. I guess hilarity alone isn't enough.
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(Also: singing all of your background music gets automatic approval points)
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I couldn't seem to force myself to watch more than a few seconds of any of them. As for remakes of famous movies, though, I think this one of Lord of the Rings has more going for it.
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Both Total Recall and Terminator II are much funnier than they have any right to be. And Back to the Future benefits from an inspired casting choice.
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The Terminator II remake is definitely worth watching, if only for the hilarious nuclear war sequence.
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Heh, Sarah Connor drew a dong.
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I dunno, AngryAlien kinda ruined me for all other potential suitors. But these are kinda fun, too.
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There goes my kid's playdates!
Fun post!
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I was expecting to hate this but, my God, it was INSPIRED. Great post!
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I had the reverse reaction to the personally sung background music. I ended up slamming down the pause button and moving on much sooner than intended out of sheer irritation of what sounded like the failed revenge of a rejected a capella group. Otherwise, some of the low tech solutions to the high tech F/Xs was neat.
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six-or-six-thirty linked one of the films, but Austin's Alamo Drafthouse and Filmmaking Frenzy put on a contest for these, called Rewind Kindly. The top-ranked remakes were shown at the Alamo, and Beastmaster won.

(my favorite was Tron)
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I'm a huge JP nerd, so I liked the Jurassic Park one. (Though I could have gone without the SOAP reference)
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Be Kind Rewind Blue?
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Night of the Living Dead, reenacted by potatoes. Self-link, sorry. Or, thanks. Or something.
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Wow. Blade Runner was... inspired.
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I just want an mp3 of the music from the blade runner one.
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I was expecting to hate this but, my God, it was INSPIRED. Great post!

That's kinds my feelings exactly (possibly because I've started to get a real hate-on regarding Gondry)... and I've only watched the Predator one but that was ten tonnes of awesome (probably helped that I last re-watched it only a month or so ago so I got every reference)
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I really wish this term "sweded" wasn't spreading because Be Kind Rewind is the most asinine, anti-intellectual piece of pseudo-artistic garbage I've seen in a long time. I suspect the recreations linked here will be a heap better than the film that coined the term.

In fact, if someone could "swede" Be Kind Rewind with only the good parts left... that's a wonderful three minutes of film right there.
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