Tibetan Refugee
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"Tibetan Refugee" is a documentary by Richard Martini consisting of interviews with Tibetan refugees who have recently fled to Dharamsala, India. It's on YouTube in 5 parts: part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.
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I just watched part 1 and look forward to the next 4 parts when I am more alert tomorrow. I am in love with some of those kids. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks, homunculus.
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You're welcome, juju.

I realized that saying these are recent refugees might be misleading. The documentary was made in 2004. These people fled before the current unrest.
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Who's to Blame?
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Tibetan riots continue in China
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There's pretty much no part of Dharamsala that I wouldn't rather forget. But I will definitely check this out, homunculus. Thanks.
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Tibet: Beyond Fear
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