Cat's in the Cradle
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Ahhh, thanks for illuminating a part of my childhood I'd almost forgotten about. I used to try and make all sorts of stuff with a large loop of string and my ten fingers--but without any set of instructions--after having seen something on a segment of ZOOM. I still do that at times, but now I can finally know what I'm doing and make something nice for a change!
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I recently watched an elderly woman practically force some youngins to sit down and learn a few string tricks. At first, they were resistant because it didn't have a digital display or noise, but once they got into it they really enjoyed something that was actually tactile and involved their attention.
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Oh, cool.

I learned a bunch of these as a kid (in Hawaii), and thought I'd forgotten most of them. But I found that if I didn't think about what I was doing, my hands and fingers remembered better than my brain. But now I get to re-learn the ones even my fingers have forgotten! Thanks, Miko!
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Kwakiutl String Figures, available as a PDF from the AMNH.
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See the cat? See the cradle?
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I wonder if I still have my Klutz book somewhere. I used to spend hours doing these things. I had another book that had some more complicated ones in it too (I remember lightning, an apache door, a butterfly, and a man that actually climbed a tree!)

Now to find a piece of string...

Thanks Miko!
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We were just at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, remarking on the string figure exhibit there. One of my former neighbors had been an authority on string figures, and it was neat to see her mentioned in the credits (but kind of melancholy, as she died recently).
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