organizing without organizations
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Clay Shirky, professor at ITP - NYU, often linked to at MeFi, presents at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society on the ideas in his new book on organizing without organizations.

Shirky blogs about his book and the coverage that it's getting.
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It's basically a book about Metafilter, as far as I can tell. I'll buy it!
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Shirky blogs about his book and the coverage that it's getting.

If this thread is any indicator, interest appears to be somewhat scant.
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I'm interested in the follow-up, Disorganizing with Disorganizations.
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here's a review/interview...
It exists today because, again, today people care enough to defend it. That's one of the really big shifts. People in traditional media often miss this, because they think they're seeing the replacement of one product with another product, when in fact they're seeing the replacement of products generally with processes generally...

What they're not used to is the idea that the users effectively have a bargain with one another, that there is among the user population a sense that this is how we will all treat or deal with one another when operating together. And that bargain in social situations is as important—in some cases more important—than the business-to-individual bargain.
another interview and talk :P

[cf. bruces on benkler]

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