Lost and Found Art goes from Random to Contrived?
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Is it “found art” when it’s intentionally left out to be found?

Enough findings at this street corner have been documented in a blog as long ago as April 2007, around the time anonymous artist(s) were planting small paintings at street signs in urban residential neighborhoods.
The resident who tracks the found art sightings, regularly updates with photos of her neighborhood’s location, a telephone pole with a makeshift shelf for passersby to anonymously place (and replace) found items.

Now she has become one of a posse of local artists is launching a movement in the spirit of this found art, calling itself Real Small Art.

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Better not do this in Boston.
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 at 10:56 AM on March 26, 2008 [2 favorites]

That's 'left art', not 'found art'. Heh.
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I'd call it littering.
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If you're the artist, I think it's "lost" art. Provided anyone walks off with it, that is.
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I'm pretty sure this would be called "guerilla art", as in guerilla advertising and guerilla gardening.
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I'd call it littering.

Funny, that my word for geocaching.
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We talked about someone else's found/left/lost art long, long ago.

I really like the idea. There are a bunch of antique fire department call boxes around my neighborhood. Some have been painted nicely, and some have been turned into historical markers for various sites, but I'm thinking a left art repository might need to be created, too.

There was also a lot of this going on at PDF. I came back to my tent one evening to find a fuzzy red heart-shaped pillow, with an embroidered message just for me. No idea where it came from.
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There's a public art campaign in New Orleans called nola rising that has been generating some controversy and a (warning: pdf) lot of local (and not so local) discussion.
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Found art is art made of found objects. This seems to be street art and the best site for it is woostercollective.com which covers graffiti and other evolving forms of unsolicited public expression.
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Is it "found" if it was never lost? Is it a rickroll if you're expecting Rick Astley?
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Huh. This shelf is just a couple blocks from my house -- and I still can't work up any significant feeling about it. But I'm glad I found this post, if that helps...
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If you're the artist, I think it's "lost" art.

Is it "found" if it was never lost?

Apparently "found art" is rapidly becoming a lost art.
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A notorius bit of found (left?) art from Chicago, early 80s, spray painted on building in the gallery district: "Is it art or is it vandalism?" (I believe the artist was Nancy Forrest Brown, for those who need to know.)
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I agree about not doing this in Boston. I think this city prides itself on not having any street signs whatsoever. Putting art up will confuse the shit out of people and will break the bleak-chic look that this city has.
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EMRJKC'94 and stat---
How terribly true!
("Boston: If You Have To Ask Where You Are, You Don't Belong Here.")
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O ye art-deprived Bostonians, come across the rivah to Camberville, where random art is affixed to road signs and public utility boxes are brightly painted to resemble boxes of popcorn or comic books.
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