Insignia of Armed Forces in WW2
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The Armed Forces of World War II, a flash presentation of rank insignia. The creator implies that it's a work in progress, but what I've clicked through seems pretty complete to me. Bonus Babylon 5 link on the left.
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Fascinating imagery, and clean and efficient interface to boot!
This makes me curious as to the history of military insignia-- how they've evolved over time, the chief cultural differences in color and shapes and sizes...
Can anyone point me in the direction of a concise text?
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I always wondered what the insignia for a WWII Japanese Army Superior Private Acting Corporal was. Neat, Thanks!
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I'm not sure what the scope is, but every unit has its own badge of some sort, usually. Like the "big red 1". The Nazis took it to extremes. So my guess is yeah, probably not complete but got the main ones.
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The Nazis took it to extremes? Man, check out the royal navy.
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Yeah, I was about to mention the Greater Britain insignia; but I guess that might have something to do with the many independent-minded members of Greater Britain, vis a vis the flag.

I wonder why the British Lieutenant* Royal Navy Reserve - Electrical (hmm, that link isn't going to work) has a star of David on it?

* and why is it not leftenant?
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Do the Dutch still have a rank called "Scout in the Night"? That is awesome.
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They do have that rank. It's better translation is Night Watchman
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I was surprised to see so many swastikas on Finnish insignia. I can't believe another country actually out-swastika'd Germany. (At least when it came to shoulderwear.)
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I'm pretty sure the second GB Lance Corporal is wrong - isn't two stripes corporal?

porpoise, isn't it just pronounced leftenant?
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According to Army Air Corps Ranks, lance corporal is one stripe, corporal is two...
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Yeah, lieutenant is pronounced (but not spelled) "leftenant" in British English, just as colonel is pronounced (but not spelled) "kernel" in both British and American English.

Okay, I take that back. The Canadians also pronounce it leftenant. So I guess everyone except American English speakers from the former Empire do it.
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