Magnificent Views and Vistas, Mountaineer's Climbs 1912 to 1916
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"The object of this organization shall be to explore the mountains, forests and water courses of the Pacific Northwest, and to gather into permanent form the history and traditions of this region; to preserve, by protective legislation or otherwise, the natural beauty of the Northwest coast of America; to make frequent or periodical expeditions into these regions in fulfillment of the above purposes. Finally, and above all, to encourage and promote the spirit of good fellowship and camaraderie among the lovers of out-door life in the West." Thus reads the charter of the Mountaineers. Explore the Tacoma Public Library's online exhibit of the Mountaineer's early history, Magnificent Views and Vistas, Mountaineer's Climbs 1912 to 1916.
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I've traveled the world, seen sights most people will not see in their lives, experienced things most of the people I'll encounter in my life will only dream of:

My mind always comes back to the place I was raised, to the home I've always know, to the wilderness I've only smelt in other places.

To the Pacific Northwest.

I know I'll die in this place, and hope to nowhere else.
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Edit: You all should come visit, but please stay on the trails unless you're the ultra outdoors type; if you are, by all means see things none shall see again.
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Wow, the Tacoma Public Library seems to have improved immeasurably since I browsed its stacks as an undergrad at nearby UPS (Go Loggers!, LOL). They did a real nice job with this exhibit.

It probably wouldn't hurt to link directly to The Mountaineers website, since the organization is still very active.

BTW, The Mountaineers also has an excellent publishing arm, and among other titles have published some fine volumes on backcountry/outdoors first aid, which is how many folks come to know of them.

Cool post!
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A great post, which I am going to steal draw on for inspiration for post on my own PNW History blog.
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I'm a little bit embarrassed that this online exhibit is almost six years old, I just realized. Mind, the content isn't really "time sensitive." Glad you folks enjoyed it, in any case!

Mosk, there is a link to the current organization up there, but it's a bit buried.
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