Photoshop Express - beta version
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Photoshop Express Adobe has launched a beta version of its Photoshop Express image hosting and editing site. Two gigs of storage and some basic editing tools. A neat feature is being able to connect to your Picassa page and edit those photos as well.
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It's a good show piece for what Flash and Flex can do, but it certainly deserves the 'Express' tag at the moment - not much in common with the 'real' PS at all. I'll stick with Picnik for now, but commend Adobe for a move in the right direction.
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Interesting. But yeah, I think anything with PS as the brand needs to do a bit more than this. Also, those gold colored cartoonish "albums" look horrible - who imposed THAT on the designers?
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When I have some time to play with this I think I will test it. I'm always looking for free and relatively easy photo manipulation software. I'm not an artist, I just want to reduce red-eye and maybe fix some poor light. Simple things.
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Er, Photobucket and Picasa, but no Flickr integration?


Also, it's a good first step, but not as polished as Picnik - especially try to do a decent crop in the Test Drive section, it magnifies the original image and you get all kinds of jaggies. Nice.
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Bah, I miss having jobs where the expense of getting me a real copy of Photoshop could be justified.
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I'm curious as to how the feature set compares to some free alternatives like
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People pay for Photoshop?
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Other people pay for photoshop. What am I, made of money?
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i didn't get to read about any of the details as I couldn't stop playing with the graphic at the top of the page.
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I agree that it's a great example of Flex in action, along with Buzzword (which is one of the few online word processors I've tried that's actually felt like a program, and an attractive one at that).

The feature set is a bit meager, but hopefully that will change with time. Perhaps they'll offer an "advanced" version for a price at some point down the line. What would be really cool would be a way for regular Photoshop users to "connect" somehow to their online PS Express image collection and edit the pictures therein in (semi) real-time. Do the heavy stuff on your computer that has Photoshop and then do minor touch-up work from any computer with an internet connection. Of course, there's still not enough features to even make that worth it, but maybe with time.
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