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Viz Comics have some wonderfully puerile games for you to enjoy- and needless to say, probably NSFW. Try your hand at Roger's Profanisaurus Hangman [Previously] Or play a round of Lesbian Tennis (PC only download, Mac users, you're not missing much). Perhaps you would like to keep a virtual pet, perhaps a Sim City style holiday resort game is more your cup of tea (Download). Full collection here.
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Queen Mamagotchi doesn't work- download here
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Cool! I kept the burglars out for 198 seconds, but I'm not so great at the gatecrashers game. As for the adult fare, the shoplifting 'game' is boring, but I could play Hangman all morning!
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All right I'll get it out of the way.

"It's not being as funny as it used to be."

and you've got too many f'narr's there. It's just two.

Yours sincerely.

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Crazy Brits
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After a visit to London in 1990 (gasp), I saw this magazine about and finally looked at it. This was in it's pre-color, newsprint incarnation. Once, back in San Francisco, I saw it available here. Now I subscribe to this damn rag. The Profanisaurus (in the magazine and also in book form) is worth every penny. The funniest book around even though it's a dictionary. British bog roll humor...
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DAILY Mail editors. Underline important words in your headlines just to make sure that your readers are clear about what it is you want them to think.

H Barrow, Tooting
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This is worthless without a Fat Slags game.

nope...still worthless
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I thought The L Word was lesbian tennis.
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I think the term they are looking for is Santorum.
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The editors of Viz do the odd live event now and again at comic festivals and the like where they told about the history of the comic and play Roger's Profanisaurus Hangman live. Recommend if you don't mind near constant and hilarious swearing.
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