I <3 shotguns.
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Boomstick Flash Friday Fun
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I loved this, but the red baddies with the droplets make things really difficult later on. I tried just shooting straight up (you can kill the drops this way) but that kind of hurt my multi-shot capability, and the ability to gather ammo from the ground quickly, and thus my "ammo economy".
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I suck but it was fun. My husband's totally gonna love this, thanks.
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I liked it when it worked but of the 5 games I played, in 2 of them my guy just stopped dead walking and then about 30 seconds later started again (everything else kept moving/playing) and in the final game I was collecting ammo and not shooting and it told me I was out of ammo and ended the game. Otherwise, fun.
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is it just me or is there always somebody named deeznuts on every high score board?
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Decidedly unplayable with a touchpad. It looks pretty great though.
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Game over: you were killed by a star.
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I was collecting ammo and not shooting and it told me I was out of ammo

Were you hit by the red drops? They drain ammo.
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I got 907. I got overwhelmed after that.
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I normally don't like flash games, but this one is excellent.
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Does anyone know how the "Accuracy" is determined? My second time around, I played very carefully in the early rounds, only shooting when I could get a double or triple kill, to maximize my ammo. However, this hurt my accuracy; around level four it hit -1250% ("worst of the worst"). Whenever there were more enemies onscreen and I fired more willy-nilly, I got up to 715% ("god-like").

At first I thought it was how many of your shots hit enemies, but in those early rounds, every shot hit something. Then I thought it was the number of enemies I hit before they left the screen, but there were many more in the later rounds than in the earlier ones. Any thoughts?
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I totally didn't know the star would kill me until it killed me. NO RETRIES D00D
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I beat the game and then the hatch blew up. Huh.
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Woo hoo!!

2464.38 (I can't explain the ".38")

But what was the "star" that killed people? You all had me so paranoid, upwards of about 800, I just shot anything that remotely looked like a star (and lots of things did).
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I figured "Accuracy" was how many enemies you killed per shot (not bullet). Each shot is 10 bullets.

100% would be 1 enemy for every shot. My accuracy was invariably ~200%. I guess I figured the strategy was always kill more than one enemy with each shot.

However, if that's how accuracy was calculated, I'm not sure how you would get a negative number ...

Tier 12 did me in, though. I'll likely play this a few times more. ;)

Great game. Thanks for the link.
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Small bit of firearm pedantry: Shotguns take shells, not bullets. :)

Glad yall liked it!
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Boomstick? That, my friend, is a Winchester thirty aught six.
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It was good. And satisfyingly difficult towards the end.
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That was a remarkably fun game.
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Wow. I'am absolutely awful at this.
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Wow, I suck.

It's making me long for "Fist Full of Boomstick"

Thanks, now I'm going to spend my weekend playing xbox.

ah well. . .
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How do I finish off the big star later on, the one that spawns the smaller stars? It descends and crushes me without taking any damage.

Quality game though.
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To beat the final boss (the big star) play from the beginning amassing as much ammo as you can. If you play carefully you can have about 1000 ammo by the time you get into the final 3 stages (I have about a 2oo to 210% hit rate). To beat the final boss, you simply station yourself directly underneath the mothership and blast away at the little stars continually. The only tricky part is blasting the occasional blue rollers that come in from the left and the right, but if you do it fast enough you can hit them and go back to firing at the little stars without dying. Once you have hit enough of the little stars, you beat the game. I can do it consistently now.

The only thing that annoys me about this game is the replay value. It seems like being more accurate should have a multiplicative effect on the score rather than an additive effect. As it is there's not much incentive to go back and play it again as your accuracy (which is the only thing you can affect in the end) does not have a massive effect on the score.
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I managed to beat the final baddie by starting at level 18. The little stars he emits gave me enough ammo to keep going at him. Didn't have much trouble at all, actually.
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