Don't lose your load, Good Buddy
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Truck (some photos NSFWish) - a collection of, you guessed it, pictures (most with backstory) of lost loads of freight. Picture set links open in new window.
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Once on a freeway in LA I saw a truck loaded with milk that had collided with a truck loaded with toilet paper. It would've been more hilarious if the wreck had looked more survivable.
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Shocked that "trucks" wasn't differently implemented.
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The Sunny D spill made me sad, until I read that it killed fish. Maybe thats why my teeth always feel weird when I used to drink it.
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Actually, I didn't see the whale guts one before I posted this. Really quite disturbing...might be a tad NSFW.
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Reminds me of my favorite newspaper headline: "CHITLUNS TRUCK SPILLS ITS LOAD IN CLIMAX".
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH! 13.7 Million angry bees. And here I thought getting caught and burned alive when a fuel tanker crashes would be the worst possible truck accident.
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background-whale iz on yer hiway asplodin'

great post; I am so unhappy when I find a link to cool pictures of spilled and/or broken/dead shit/animals without any context.
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they forgot cows
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When I was but a lad, my family was vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, and we were witness to the results of an accident involving a CANDY TRUCK which strew its' remains across the road and shoulder.

My parents wouldn't stop.

I never forgave them this transgression.
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God, the internet is a great thing.
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The last picture on that chickens again page is great. It almost tells a whole little story all by itself.
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A semi carrying tons of green beans once overturned about 10 miles from my house. My mother came home with dozens of garbage bags full and forced us to snap them for days on end so that she could can them. I was in high school at the time, trying to decide if I wanted to go to college, and she said "this is what factory work is like, are you sure you don't want to further your education?" I enrolled the next semester.
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Alligators should not be confused with crocodiles, which are a completely different animal. One way to tell the difference is that alligators teeth do not show when their mouth is closed, crocodiles do.

I'll remember that next time I see them strewn across the highway. And it's not when their mouths are closed when I worry about them.

Also, may I be so bold as to propose we stop caring which one's a crocodile and which one's an alligator? They look almost exactly the same and do almost exactly the same things.
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The rotten weiners one is perplexing. Was the truck actually hauling already-rotten weiners (and if so, why? - what were they going to do with them?) or did they rot after they were spilled?

*shudders at the possibilities if the answer is the former*
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oh, how could one lose control of that much grolsch?
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This was one of the most memorable truck spill stories for me. Once proud Argentina indeed.
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Also, may I be so bold as to propose we stop caring which one's a crocodile and which one's an alligator? They look almost exactly the same and do almost exactly the same things.

WHAT! Alligators are alligators, crocodiles are crocodiles, caimans are caimans, AND THAT IS THE WAY IT IS! If you remove those distinctions, they may start interbreeding, and you know what happens then! Dogs and cats start mating, a man could marry a pig, it would be an anarchic Godforsaken interspecies orgy! Civilization as we know it would be consumed in a conflagration of bestial lust! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?
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Dogs and cats start mating

As long as they're not living together!
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I knew there was a good reason I kept this newspaper clipping all these years!
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See, this is how it works....

The alligator is the one you see later. The crocodile only shows up after a while.

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NSFW? Where is the NSFW?

As soon as I realized the site wasn't about masturbating truckers I really started looking for the NSFW material.

Is one of those a truckload of tits spilled all over the highway?
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There was one summer when I worked at a port where a container had been smashed and the liquid container inside had ruptured. They parked it outside the container checking station where I worked with a few other guys, with the liquid slowly seeping out of the cracks onto the asphalt. It was white wine. Not a bad day, really. Surreptitiously drinking white wine out of our coffee cups at 10AM and going back every now and again to 'check the leak.'

It was less fun after they decided to leave it there for a few days, baking in the July heat.
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Whatever you think of the site design, the concept and delivery is strangely charming. Thanks, Burhanistan!
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This makes me so happy.
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I agree with BrotherCaine, the bees one seemed the worst... but then the goats and the exploding whale guts (with photo of about-to-chunder pedestrian) seemed pretty awful, too.

Thanks for giving me a fascinating stream of visuals to go with my breakfast!
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Some of those non-spill accident photos are pretty ... impressive. A few are positively scary (i.e. likely fatal). Because there's no funny/shocking spilled load to concentrate on you notice it more, maybe.

BTW: Here's Snopes on the culvert-by-a-cliff thing.[fe]
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I once helped clean up a spill from a used kitchen grease truck that flipped on it's side. The kind that hauls steel drums. It was a good 35 degrees out and the grease was soft enough to slump out of the barrels all over the road without actually running off the road. I tell ya, water over ice has nothing on slipperiness compared to grease on hot asphalt.
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